In the pursuit of chic…

Whether or not this is truly the pursuit of this blog is questionable, but it’s a nice place to start.  Chic for me is not the definition merely of a certain style, a set of colours, or a way of conducting oneself.  No, chic extends to trains of thought, literature read (whether books, magazines, or journals), activities accomplished, places visited.  Chic is a way of being.  That being said, do I consider myself chic?  No.

Therefore this blog is an effort to document and compile all those things I do, not necessarily in the pursuit of chic, but that will ultimately lead me towards being precisely the version of chic that I envision in my head.  That could mean anything from trying new products, to trying to read a certain set of books, to trying out new and cool restaurants in the cities I visit.  So come along for the ride, friend, stranger, anonymous follower, company is always appreciated.

I title this the anonymous adventures in the pursuit of chic, not because I aim to remain utterly anonymous in all of this, but instead because I like to fly under the radar a little.  Keep things just quiet enough to cause a stir, but not a ruckus.  I’d like to watch, observe, take note, and adapt.  This shouldn’t be an obvious pursuit, but a well calculated and induced adventure.  This is the creative outlet.  The way to share excitement and enthusiasm for taking a bit of a spin in my otherwise rather basic life.

I’m sure my friends will end up making appearances on here.  My favourite things will inevitably end up on here as well.  I used to keep a blog, and kind of forgot about how much I legitimately enjoy this.  So here I go…one post at a time…


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