#1 : Lipstick / Lip Gloss

…the first of “The Eight”…

Kiehl’s Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15 “Hue No. 30G”

The entire concept of this is to pick one item that is positively you’re most worn.  Problem is that I wear all three of these equally because they hold court at three very different portions of my day.  I’m a self-proclaimed Kiehl’s addict, and their tinted lip balm has consistently been my go to product when I need a little colour.  Although I do appreciate the darker shade, this one gives the perfect sheer red-pink tone that I need to brighten my otherwise pale complexion.

Prescriptives ColorScope Lip Gloss “Sassy 06”

When I need a little umph or a little gloss in my day, nothing beats the Presecriptives Sassy Gloss.  It’s neutral shade that really doesn’t impart much colour but instead a serious glossy shine.  It’s my go-to for over red lip stains and virtually any lipstick I own.

Boots No. 7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick “Smoulder”

Which leads me to my final product.  I hate wearing lipstick.  It’s quite honestly the bane of my existence.  Except red lipstick.  My opinion is that every woman should have one perfect red lipstick because it’s the instant swipe that can take anyone from utterly plain to chic and put together.  If you’ve managed to put the effort into wearing red lipstick, then you’re willing to get noticed.  Although I have the sultry perfect red from M.A.C., my standard go-to is actually the sheer red from drugstore brand Boot’s No. 7 – a product that I until about six months ago could only acquire in the U.K. and therefore not going there nearly often enough myself have had more than a few people bring back for me.  This is my everyday red lipstick, and the one that will perpetually sit in my purse for every impromptu dinner invitation, date, or simply to slide on in the middle of the day to up my daily chic-ness quotient.


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