Oh, Clinton Kelly.

They say that all good blogs start with some serious inspiration.  Well, I’ve invented some arbitrary third party who says that who I’ve also arbitrarily decided has some authority on the matter.  Regardless of that fact, I was watching Julie & Julia yesterday evening (well technically I was just watching a preview to decide if I actually wanted to watch the movie, which in the end I opted not to), and I enjoyed the concept upon which the movie / Julie’s idea was premised.  Taking a particular book (in her case a cookbook, and in my case something significantly more fabulous) and living through it for a year.

When coming to this realization that this was vaguely inspired (well more along the lines of vaguely inspiring actually) I was sitting near my coffee table and happened to notice a copy of Clinton Kelly’s book “Freakin’ Fabulous – How to dress, speak, behave, eat , drink, entertain, decorate, and generally be better than everyone else.”  Gifted to me by a friend (subliminal messaging much there?) last holiday season, I’ve poured over its contents on more than one occasion, yet never really taken much of it to heart.  If you can’t see where this is going, I suggest you take a course in learning how to read sub-text or go look up the meaning of a crescendo while listening to some classical music.

Yes, I’ve decided that I’m going to slowly start working my way through the book.  Does it change the aims of this blog?  To some extent yes.  I’ve gone by the screen name anonymouschic for so long that I don’t think it appropriate to suddenly re-title my newly adopted blog to include the word “fabulous” (my oh my I can just see the awful screen name flash before my eyes), and so I’m going to work through it on my own terms with slight alterations in order to accomplish my own definition of fabulous-chic.

Dear Clinton Kelly.  If you ever read this and start laughing hysterically that someone’s actually going to go through your book with a fine tooth comb seeing whether or not the outcome is in fact an accomplishment of “Freakin’ Fabulous”, I advise the following.  Stop laughing, keep reading, and then remind your self that if successful, I will be one less individual that is not unfabulous.

Disclaimer before I start this though.  I don’t under any circumstances find myself unfabulous completely speaking.  I think I’ve got a fairly good handle on who I am as a person, how I conduct myself, and the way I present myself to the outside world.  I consider this an effort in self-improvement not fueled by a desperate need for self degradation and re-building, but instead an exercise in enhancement and refinement.  My art teacher once told me that the ultimate pieces of art and realistic drawing come out of three words “adjust, adjust, adjust”; and this is what I am doing, refining and adjusting.


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