The first day of pursuit.

Today was supposed to mark my first consideration of the contents of Clinton Kelly’s book in my pursuit of fabulous and chic; however, due to the fact that it is currently finals week and I had two papers due today and tomorrow I instead spent my downtime merely reviewing the books contents and deciding on a game plan.

The first section is on how to dress.  I came to the distinct realization that I will need to completely go through my closet in order to accomplish achieving this.  Quite the task I must say.  Between trying everything on to establish whether or not it fits, and then compiling appropriate outfits…this could end up being quite time consuming.  Utterly worth it, but significantly time consuming.  My assumption is also that I will end up “losing” quite a few clothing items in the process.  The replacement of said items will invariably require and/or inspire me to replace many an item, a task which I am not currently willing to undertake in the city in which I’m currently residing.  Considering the fact that I will be returning to a proper city for the holiday season (ah, the advantages of going home), this does need to be accomplished prior to then so that I can sufficiently augment my wardrobe.

The sections then follow for how to:  speak, behave, eat, drink, entertain, and decorate.  I appreciate each of these, and find their impending timing as distinctly appropriate.  In accomplishing speak through drink I will be finishing the final semester of my undergraduate degree, a rather appropriate time to prepare myself for the necessary and impending doom of the real or adult world.  Entertain will perfectly timed for me to throw the ideal last hurrah in my current and rather well decorated (give me some credit for not starting this project completely blind) apartment.  Finally decorate will be timed for my finding what will inevitably be my apartment for the first chapter of my proper adult life.  Preferably it will be in a properly stylish city (think London, San Francisco, Toronto, Boston…) and will actually allow me to put real effort into decorating it.

In all honesty, it may be will into next week before I actually manage to do anything concrete on this project, but do bear with me, academic achievements are rather necessary in ensuring I have an opportunity to have a proper adult future in all of this…


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