The impact of the pursuit on shopping.

I’m going out of town in a few days, to a city where there will be fantastic shopping and opportunities to acquire new things.  The odd bit is that I’m excited to partake in all of this, and yet in my pursuit of chic my shopping strategy has changed dramatically.  Now I do not necessarily come out of stores with bags upon bags of clothing or accessories that I will wear a total of one or two times, but instead one or two really great purchases.

I owe this to a great page in Mr. Kelly’s book. Page 43 to be exact, and the phrase”Think like a frenchie, bathe like a yankee.”  He’s referring to the fact that it’s completely acceptable to be seen in the same outfit/clothing more than once in a week, month, etc. and that it is for that reason that the French usually just look so damn good.  I hadn’t realized until I was packing to leave to back home for the Christmas holidays that this is something that I had traditionally not subscribed to.  My closet and dresser drawers are absolutely bursting at the seams full of clothes, shoes, and handbags.  I rarely ever wear the same thing twice.  I also came to the other stark conclusion that I notice (and on some Manhattan once-over level judge) when people wear the same outfit constantly.  The judgement bit really only comes into play when they wear something particularly ill-fitting or awful multiple times, or if every time I run into them they’re wearing the same thing.  I’m personally exceptionally conscious of this because I own so damn many clothes, shoes, and handbags that I feel it necessary to actually wear all of them and am contractually obligated to make use of them, not subjecting people to the same things constantly over and over again.

Here’s the deal though.  I do wear the same things multiple times.  I have my favourite cardigans, and self-imposed uniform items.  My handbags do actually rotate back and forth between a few perpetually used ones, going back to a classic every third switch or so.  I’m therefore self-imposing the Kelly rule of “Frenchie vs. Yankee” subconsciously in my dressing patterns now, and it’s starting to overflow into my shopping habits.  This upcoming weekend will be the second serious shopping trip I’ve taken since coming to said conclusion, and I do sincerely hope to acquire a few pieces that will help and not hinder my new-found philosophy.

Acquisition of the classics is not overrated.  If clothes fit well you will look fabulous in them.  And if you find a shopping mantra as good as mine…maybe it will help your wardrobe become (even if ever so slightly) more chic.

Oh, and keep checking back…I’m having a friend of mine come over within the next couple of weeks and we’re absolutely tearing through my closet and dresser to purge it of all things ill-fitting and utterly unfabulous.  Believe me, I will need to write.


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