#2: Earrings.

…the second of “The Eight”…

The second installment of “The Eight” is earrings.  That single piece of jewelry that you put in your ears in the morning that people would most closely associate with your face when they look at you, and that I my mind always adds a little bit of drama when you tuck your hair behind your ears.

The deal with my father, and within my household in general was that I could only pierce the lobes of my ears.  Being the covert rebel that I am, I decided to take the rules to task to see if they’d actually apply.  Therefore I share with you the following:  I have three piercings in each earlobe.  People find this terribly odd when it comes to me – the mainly by the rules, incredibly preppy and relatively conservative one.

It’s horrendously entertaining though, because normally I wear either triple pearls, or triple silver plain studs (or 2 studs with a more dramatic earring in the lowest hole) and therefore it’s not that obvious.  All of this, requires a double take – one needs to prove to oneself that I am actually wearing three earrings in each ear.

Being the preppy girl that I am, my favorite earrings have been and will always be plain pearl studs.There is something perfectly timeless and classic about these that go with positively everything.  Pearls, whether in a strand around one’s neck or as earrings always invoke class and sophistication.  They are understated and plain, but make a statement when worn in an unconventional way (eg. in three studs going up one’s ear).  I almost always wear pearls.

And there’s a little insight into this project and the person behind this project.  If I could define my style it would be cardigans, pearls, polos and button down shirts.  It would be experimenting with trendier chic styles and funky jewelry, but always returning to the triple pearl stud earrings.


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