The Cocktail Party Challenge.

Clinton and I were due for a little sit down heart to heart.  In starting this blog I set for myself a path to pursue chic and fabulous, in part guided by the book.  The book, rather unfortunately, ended up stacked beneath a stack of coffee table books that I had accumulated and somehow instead of being my nightly reading got absolutely stashed in and amongst books that I only read for pleasure.  Anyhow, reconciliation and reconnection established Project Fabulous is back underway and I’m taking on a challenge.  Well I’m taking on a challenge and also punishing myself slightly for not following the book in a chronological order as I had originally intended on doing.

The challenge? Plan one positively fantastic cocktail party, complete with collision of multiple social circles, perfect hostess, and well-timed food and drink.

The timeline? I’m banking on just over one week from today, short notice but the cast of characters has already been assembled and given their marching orders to show up.

The plan? Well that’s what the blog is here for, to chronicle my attempts to pull this off.  I’ve thrown many a fantastic dinner party in my day, in fact in my circle of friends I am known for my small intimate dinner parties with fantastic food and wine.  Those I’ve mastered…it is the elusive cocktail party I hope to conquer this time.  Every skill, tip, or trick that I’ve garnered from reading this book thus far will be put to the test right from dressing to hosting to cooking…and the menu is coming courtesy of Mr. Kelly’s suggestions as well.

I’m starting to plan now, well in advance, to ensure that I don’t screw anything up and that I have ample planning time so that I am not running around in circles throwing everything together last minute.  Groceries are to be purchased in advance, outfit is to be chosen and tried on with appropriate jewellery and hairstyle should not be something too wild and crazy.  Staggered arrival times are to be achieved so as not to have a tonne of people showing up all at once.  I’m banking on preparation, planning, precision, and execution to serve me well.  That being said, chance and circumstance will be accounted for as there is something to be said for just a little bit of spontaneity in any given gathering that keeps the mood light.

Seeing as this gives me ample material for the next few blog entries…I’m sure the few readers that I have will be sufficiently entertained.  Stay tuned and wish me luck.


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