The Guest List Predicament.

The hardest part in any entertaining endeavour that isn’t an open invitation for people to join you at a drinking establishment to celebrate event X, the guest list.  Traditionally my guests lists for dinner parties have been the result of careful planning and consideration.  There are 6 spaces around my dinner table and therefore the correct mix of 5 additional people has always been a careful balance and only slight mix of social circles.  I’m throwing caution to the wind so to speak for this particular endeavour, allowing essentially all of my social groups to blend in part because this is to some extent supposed to be a birthday celebration for me, and therefore I get to be mildly egocentric and vote that everyone else can just learn to play nice.  I also figure that while engaging in the consumption of alcoholic beverages they’ll all become slightly more cordial, but that’s just a hypothetical assumption.

In Mr. Kelly’s consideration of guest lists he comments primarily on consideration of the amount of space available in one’s chosen location.  I figure I can comfortably fit just under 25 people in my living room, even though I’m sure his spatial calculations would indicate that fewer is recommended given the dimensions.  My rationale is as follows though, considering I’m also not inclined to cut my guest list.  I have seating space for around 14 people.  People will inevitably perch on surfaces, as well as stand and lean.  I’m also having arrivals in stages, which means that people will be at various inclinations to sit at different points in the evening.  All of this should equate to just the right circulation of standing and sitting at various points to allow for this number of people.

Under the code of Freakin’ Fabulous, there’s also an indication that approximately 25% of the people you invite will either RSVP in the negative or simply flake out last minute.  If I was inviting a significant number of people, I would agree.  If I was inviting enough people that some of them were mere acquaintances, I would agree.  The problem is that everyone I’ve invited thus far has submitted a positive RSVP and will most likely not be flaking out last minute as a significant number are either close friends of mine or getting rides to said soiree with close friends of mine.  Therefore, I’m thus far required to assume that everyone with an invitation will show up.

Problem?  Yes, because over the course of writing this post I have conjured up at least another half dozen names of people that I need to extend invites to.  And also where do the “courtesy invites” stop…or do I even have to send those out?  With my head now spinning sufficiently as I start to keep track of the sheer number of people and social circles I’m currently juggling I shall carry on with my day…waiting in vain for someone to RSVP no.


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