#3: Shirt.

…the third of “The Eight.”

I’ve said it before, and I will forever say it again – I am a prep.  I spent my formative years of grade school within the confines of a private school in tunics, kilts, oxford shirts and…cardigans.  My original cardigan may have come solely in the form of hunter green, but my love and passion for this preppy staple now exists in my closet in more colors than I can count.  It also exists in v-neck, boat neck, and regular crew neck.  It exists with circular graphic buttons, and small plain grey ones.  The sole consistency?  They almost always have cashmere.  If I’m required to pick a favourite though, it would have to be the black and deep royal blue v-neck cable knit pair from Brooks Brothers.  Preppy staples and Brooks Brothers go hand-in-hand, and I find it nearly impossible to not lust and swoon (so unladylike!) over every sweater they produce.

But what I would like to further point out, is that the simplicity and perfection of a cardigan with every possible outfit is what truly draws me to them.  The fit nicely in any one of my handbags for the spring and summer, they provide just the right amount of warmth for the winter indoors, and they consistently provide the ideal amount of polish and perfection required by any outfit.  I have worn them over dresses, with jeans, with skirts, and with nearly every business outfit I own.

I swear one can never go wrong with a cardigan.  Never wrong with a cardigan and pearls.  And yet I still wonder why a few of my friends are insistent on having my nickname as June Cleaver…


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