Insights, The First.

I find myself at a unique point in my life, still awaiting responses from schools to find out what on earth it is I will be doing with my time next year.  Therefore, I have become uniquely reflective with regards to my acquisition of knowledge thus far.  Also, learning more about oneself is always beneficial in the pursuit of fabulous…

I was reading a blog page that I had bookmarked from months ago, and on it was a list of insights that had been produced by people of my generation.  It was interesting, ranging from commentary on Google Map directions to the need for a sarcasm font.   The link is here:  I highly suggest reading it, it’s thoroughly entertaining.

I figure at least some of you may enjoy it.  It does, however, provide the inspiration for this particular entry:  Insights.  These are items I wished someone had told me, things that I’ve discovered, or merely good life notes to share.  I plan on creating a few of these prior to my graduating from my undergraduate career.  And perhaps, just perhaps, you may gain some insight from my insights….

  1. No matter how organized you are, there will be something vital or trivial that you will forget in the course of any given endeavour.  Learn how to improvise.
  2. The phrase “Your friends are the ones who know everything about you, and yet still love you anyways” may actually be the soundest and truest piece of sage wisdom that you will ever receive.
  3. Even though you may like every song in your iTunes, when it’s on shuffle it’s a fundamental law of nature that you will only want to listen to about every 7th song.
  4. There are some cities in the world that believe that the way to get rid of snow banks is just so douse them in salt and pray that they melt.
  5. Salt stains are almost impossible to get out of your shoes.  Either wreck a pair of shoes every winter season or become a ninja at getting them out and cleaned-up.
  6. Getting comfortable on a bus or plane ride is one of those tasks that will be very difficult to master without practice, but is a skill you should hone if possible.
  7. Leaving is never easy.
  8. Dear Popstars, please realize that underlying title of what you do is usually musician and that on occasion you should learn how to actually make music.
  9. Don’t ever judge someone based on their techno-saaviness or gaming abilities.  They’ve probably honed a skill set you can only dream of and will no doubt someday envy.
  10. Your favourite movie as a child probably includes mass sub-text if it wasn’t designed for children.  You should be aghast at your parents for letting you what such films at such a young age.
  11. Having a gay male quietly chattering in your subconscious will make you a more fabulous person.
  12. Sometimes a crush is more fun than a relationship.
  13. Being a kid was fun.  Remember why and replicate it.
  14. Being creative is not for everyone, but then again neither are numbers.
  15. The Mac vs. PC debate may never end.  Fence-sitting on this issue is incredibly hard to accomplish because you’ll obviously have to buy one or the other.
  16. When your body starts yawning, that usually means you should go to sleep.
  17. While you are at school, work will seem epic and never-ending.
  18. Never say you have a week off from school/work that is “completely free” as soon as you say that your schedule will become full.
  19. There are very simple pleasures that you will learn to appreciate over your lifetime, find out what they are (clean white sheets, fresh fluffy towels, deep dark crisp chocolate, perfect espresso shots) and hoard them like it is your job.  They will always make your day better.
  20. When singing at the top of your lungs to your favourite songs in the shower, you will always be in tune.  The same is true when your windows are down and you’re on a roadtrip.
  21. Dancing like a dork while getting your groceries with your earphones in your ears may look absolutely downright silly to everyone else, but I promise you it will be infinitely more entertaining.
  22. Whatever happened to really good Saturday morning cartoons?  I’m talking old-school “Recess” type ABC One Saturday Morning programming.
  23. Same goes for TGIF on ABC…Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World, etc.  These were key bits of my childhood.
  24. My life has perpetually been tainted in a preppy tone courtesy of Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell.  I will also always have that theme song stuck in my head every morning when I’m running late for school/work…and unfortunately I’m not always Saved by the Bell.
  25. Colouring books are therapeutic, whether you opt to stay within the lines are not.  There’s something incredibly kindergarten about the whole process.
  26. Everyone has a soft spot for some really awful cheesy music, or something way outside of what you’d expect from them…whether it’s heavy metal on that prepster’s iPod or the Spice Girls on the goth girl’s iPod that you overhear while on the bus.
  27. The best assessment of when you need to do your laundry?  When you run out of underwear…odds are it’s not necessary to accomplish doing that before hand.
  28. Expressive eye conversations with someone in the room are often significantly better than the ones that you are either having or being subjected to listening to.
  29. “Dry Clean Only” means that the item will mean one of the following: this will never get dirty, it will be worn once and then left, or do not buy.
  30. Telephone tag is the most frustrating thing ever, especially when you call a person right back after you missed their call.  I promise you, apparently it’s appropriate to snub a person completely because they didn’t pick up on the first ring…really?
  31. And finally (for this particular list at least), some beverages just taste better straight out of their original container designed for pouring into other serving receptacles (eg. glasses).  These include, but are not limited to: champagne, San Pellegrino, decent quality wine of the red or white variety, and milk.

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    1. Jen

      Personal favourites:12, 13, 19, 21, and 25…you’ve given me quite a lot to think about Woodford. Boy do I love clean, white, soft, high thread count sheets. And colouring books.

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