M3 May (monthly magazine musings) – Tom Ford & Lipstick

First off…FREEDOM!  With the completion of my undergraduate degree and the sheer openness and potential that lies ahead, the sheer joy in my exhalation is positively indescribable.  With this freedom comes time, and with time comes the opportunity to engage in activities that I have otherwise overlooked.  Such activities?  Books, blogging, and indulging in a steady dose of glossy magazines that I have not had the opportunity to read in quite some time.  Dear In Style, Vogue, The Economist, New Yorker, House & Home, Real Simple…oh how I have truly missed you.  In taking some time to review my blog as well, I noticed that when I put up my Vogue rant in December that the general blogosphere took quite nicely to it.  I therefore start a new feature – the monthly magazine mumblings – or M3 as I’ll generally refer to it.  I realize that this goes on my relatively long list of things that take place on this blog…but this will be a good generic change of pace.

It is on that note that I would like to say the following words:  Thank-you Tom Ford.  Always an icon, and now he has become utterly quotable.  In the May issue of Vogue there is an article on page 160, about the launch of Mr. Ford’s lipstick next month.  What I want to talk about though is not the fact that he’s launching lipstick under his Private Blend label, but the rationale and the concept behind the lipstick that he discusses with the article.  More importantly I want to direct your attention to one quote in particular:  (credit to article writer Sarah Brown, and Tom Ford)  “Opening a beautiful case and spinning out the bullet is a much more elegant gesture.  Lip gloss is kind of the equivalent of chewing gum for me.”  Finally…someone who managed to articulate why I have a sudden loathing for lip gloss.

Since the launch of Rouge Coco a few months ago, I’ve sincerely been addicted to lipsticks.  I went from having one tube of red (the ultimate lipstick necessity) to three, and constantly hunting for more.  I have found myself not drawn to the gloss sections of Sephora or any given makeup counter in the department stores to lipstick displays.  The drama and the old school elegance of lipstick has become so alluring.  There is something about pulling out a tube of lipstick and swiping on the colour that I have found instantly changes my mood and outlook on how I am going to approach the day.  Perhaps also the rationale as to why I’m not attracted to the sheer glimmery world of MAC Lustre finish lipsticks, and more so to the matte creaminess of Rouge Coco, and MAC’s Amplified finish.

Now back to Mr. Ford, and his comment on lip gloss and chewing gum.  That, kind sir, is something that I will wholeheartedly agree with you on.  Lip gloss has become generic and boring.  There’s nothing great or interesting about lip glosses, no real drama with them, and there’s something a little off-putting and almost childish, non-commital, and insincere about the whole product category.  I say this not with reference to the actual product, but with reference to the application and the way people treat lip gloss.  It is the single product that is so often just chucked in the bottom of  a handbag, or kept in mass quantities in makeup bags.  Glosses are a vague covering and an excuse for a lip product for most people.  They may appear heavily pigmented in the tube, but when applied they feel like an average chore and therefore are relatively application idiot proof.  Stray gloss can easily be fixed with a tissue and a little water.  Stray lipstick?  Not quite such an easy fix.

Lipstick makes the wearer put in a little extra effort.  It makes them pull out the compact (sometimes…old pros can do this blindfolded), and take a focused second on their appearance.  It makes them conscious of their beauty routine, and might in fact cause them to stand a little straighter, taking pride in how they are carrying themselves that day.  The use of lipstick has definitely found a place in my “definition of chic” log.  There really is no substitute for it…not matter what the gloss junkies say.

You can bet that I’ll be off to the department store hunting down the Tom Ford lipsticks when they launch June 1st.  There are 12 colours, and each has had more than a little specific thought directed it’s way.  The colours in the Vogue article literally make me salivate and my lips crave their presence.  The thought behind these even goes through to the packaging – crisp, old school, and heavy.  No streamlined bullet-esque packaging here – just the kind of statement that one should expect with lipstick.  Considering this is a man who often starts his looks with makeup, using them to “set a mood”, I have mad faith in these already…and I haven’t even tried them.  Therefore, you know where to find me on that day…ready to add another tube of sheer sophistication to my world.


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