For the love of flats!

Alright!  I get it!  I understand!  Heels undeniably make my legs look longer and sexier.  There I said it…happy?  But here’s the deal, I absolutely refuse to be that girl who perpetually walks around in high heels.  They are not comfortable, they make me just slightly too tall for a significant amount of the company I keep, and damnit, they’re just not practical.  I am an individual who is absolutely, positively, irrevocably hooked on flats.  Believe me, the perfect pair of ballerinas, or the perfectly coordinated Tory Burch Reva can sincerely make an outfit fantastic.  This is coming from the girl who due to bad knees, weak ankles, and a klutz streak so ingrained, that it’s almost a safety hazard for me to wear heels.  I am the girl who can walk miles because my feet aren’t about to die from being forcibly placed on an incline all day, the girl who doesn’t have to worry about a heel breaking as she runs across the crosswalk, or concerned that the stiletto heel is going to get caught in the sidewalk grates.  Do I own sensible heels?  Yes.  Do I wear heels to formal events?  Yes.  But on a do I don them on a day-to-day basis or believe that they are necessary in the corporate world?  No.  I would like to point out that if you scroll through one of my favourite online haunts Corporette, merely typing the word “flats” drums up a tonne of posts many of which give tips and tricks on how flats are an option for your corporate wardrobe.

What’s inspired me to write this particular post is that I consistently get asked where on earth I get all my cute flats from.  Well, let me inform you that this has been a long process.  Good flats are not necessarily the easiest things to come by, but when found are irreplaceable.  A number of years ago while reading the “On my mind” (the back page) of In Style there was a quote from the person being interviewed that on account of their larger than average feet, that they felt obligated to purchase every pair of cute flats that they found in their size because they were so hard to come by.  Now I don’t have large feet, but I do have flat feet, and bad ankles, and bad knees…meaning that I am often relegated to the world of flats (as previously mentioned) for safety and health reasons.  I have therefore taken that mantra to heart and have adopted the strong opinion that whenever I see a pair of sensible stylish flats I am required to purchase them.  Does this mean I have a rather large shoe collection?  Oh yes…you can bet your last dollar on that one.

It is with that inspiration and common sense requirement that I’ll share with you a few of my favourites…and believe me the choices were hard ones to make.

The trainer replacement… Cole Haan Nike Air

I will name the entire range because although some people are sceptical about the usefulness/comfort of the Air range in heels, the benefits are fairly obvious in flats as you really do notice the wonder of the air cushion after a full day on your feet.  My particular favourites (evident by the fact that I have them in three colours and 4 different styles) are the Air Brias, which unfortunately have been discontinued in their original flat incarnation.  My next purchase of the Nike Air flat line?  The Bacara Ballets, or the Zannas—the latter of which is the closet one can find to the original Brias.

Because bright flats are a must… Tory Burch Reva Flats

These are iconic flats.  These are the shoes that I wear and always get compliments on.  I refuse to travel or essentially go anywhere without these flats.  Granted this might have to do with the fact that I have them in such bright colours, but still…bright patent shoe heaven!  They’re so slim and lightweight that I can easily pack four pairs of them in a suitcase and have a matching pair of flats for every outfit.  Black patent with white inlays, primary-style green with navy, and navy with red. The ones with the contrast inlays are probably my favourites, but I also have a pair of slate blue-grey ones with the classic metal logo that are my go-to non-black shoes for work.  The colour of the aforementioned shoes?  Smoke Grey Stingray…what is there not to love! One of my favourite features about the Revas are the elasticized backs.  A friend of mine has the worst problem getting blisters on the backs of her heels because of the stiffness of the heel of the shoe.  Aside from constantly reminding her to acquire Band-Aid Blister Block…I have also sang my praises of the Reva flats.  She hasn’t listened to me.  She still gets blisters.  I have stopped listening.

The work line-up… there isn’t just one…

I already mentioned the blue-grey Revas.  Also on this list goes a pair of black patent Donald J. Pliner loafers, and two pairs of Burbery flats.  If you can splurge on a great pair of Burbery flats, I highly recommend it.  Make sure that they fit really well in the store, and be willing to go up a size as they do fit quite narrow and small.  I find that with the check (preferably in fabric as opposed to the novacheck…which looks a little cheap on shoes) and in a toffee brown colour, people will appreciate the small dash of pattern with a well coordinated and not boring brown shoe.

The perfect ballerina…London Sole

I tried not to cave into these.  I tried to find an alternate source of ballerina flats.  There is no competition.  These are unbelievably comfortable, seeing as they do not come with a “foot” assigned, you end up molding the shoe directly to your foot.  Lightweight and perfect.

For trendy everlasting flats…Coach

I have come to the conclusion that Coach flats are indestructible.  I have a pair of geranium burnt orange toned buckled flats that I have worn close to obsessively (as much as that is possible when there are over 80 pairs of shoes in one’s wardrobe) that still look as fantastic as the day I bought them.  The same goes for two pairs of loafers that I have from the brand.  Coach always produces bright toned fun summer shoes, and when I’m looking for something preppy but affordable and a little special, I turn to Coach.


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