#4: Nail Polish.

…the fourth of “The Eight.”

There are many a thing that drive me insane—some of them are about other people, and some of them are about myself.  One thing that I absolutely cannot stand on anyone?  Chipped nail polish.  Now I will confess that I have been guilty of this sin on occasion, but this is generally something I try and consciously avoid.  I also (rather oddly) find painting my nails to be rather cathartic…and something to pass the time in my “requires multitasking constantly” mindset that I get into when studying.

My nails are always a fairly consistent colour also.  I do not like odd colours (eg. blue, green, etc.) and therefore all of the colours in my collection are reds, pinks, nudes, deep purples, or grays.  I decided to choose the two that I wear most often though – a nude/natural shade and then my favourite red.

The nude/natural is Essie’s True Love.  It’s a see-through sheer pink that really just makes the nails take on a truly fantastic glossy pink hue.  It’s good for nails of any length, and a definite must-have for giving French manicures that extra little zing.  Essie is generally a favourite brand of mine for being relatively chip-resistant, and having great staying power.  What I particularly enjoy about this colour as well, as that because it is just a sheer wash of colour even if it immediately chips you don’t notice it.  Particularly good for those of us who spend a lot of time typing and might have a tendency to have the very tips of our manicures give way to missing bits.

Lippmann Collection is right up there with Essie in being one of my favourite nail polish brands.  I will vouch that I truly do collect these polishes and adore the applicator (much smaller and finer than a standard OPI brush) and really do appreciate the sincerity of the colour payoff.  Since I Fell for you is a great shimmering red.  Not glittery in the least, but a metallic sheen of a dark red that really takes up permanent residence on my nails once the snow hits the ground…or for formal events requiring black dresses.  This polish truly does smoulder on the nails, but in a slightly unassuming way.  I also love it layered in with deeper dark colours (eg. Lippmann’s Dark Side of the Moon, or OPI’s Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ) as it provides just a touch of drama.



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2 responses to “#4: Nail Polish.

  1. I LOVE essie nail polish. Their best product is the Matte About You top coat. It takes any colour, even glitter, and turns it even more fabulous.

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