H4RO: Wedding Guest Edition, Part 2.

Break last week on two accounts:  1) I was moving out of my house, 2) I was waiting for the dress and the wedding to happen for pictures! (Congratulations to my dear friends Adam and James!)

With regards to item #1.  I am done packing and my things are in a truck moving back to where they need to go.  I had a total of 83 pieces (including furniture…but still 63 pieces in small boxes – think mid-size rubbermaid bins) and the packing process was much aided by a dear friend of mine who stayed up with me until 1am the night before the movers were due to show up because my move time got bumped up 8 hours (from mid-afternoon to right first thing in the morning)!  Apparently packing requires inside jokes to be formed…many of which were regarding the random kitchen gadgets I posses (eg. straws with spoons attached to them for floats).  But the true question is…Who is Monty Bojangles?

But here’s the real reason you’re reading this entry:  The outcome of the dress.  The dress was due to be done on Thursday, but I got  a call Tuesday evening to let me know that it was done early (bonus!).  I didn’t have a car starting mid-day Wednesday last week, so the fact that I could drive down quick in the morning and pick up the dress was almost the best news I got all week.  The best news that I got all week though wasn’t that the dress was done, but in fact the moment after I slipped it on to make sure that the alterations turned out.  IT’S LIKE NIGHT AND DAY!  Honestly, it looks like I just happened to have acquired the same fabric and made a different dress.  The fit is great, and the length is ideal.  The length was a pretty key alteration (aside from the removal of that god awful jacket), and the rest was icing on the cake…but wow, the fact that I actually love the dress now is pretty amazing.  I’m not a huge fan of sleeveless attire, but somehow the cut of the dress with the alterations actually makes me comfortable in this dress without my jacket.

The entire alterations process was definitely one I was mildly apprehensive about considering the amount of work that the dress required.  The fact that all I had to do was say (as I mentioned previously): “It’s just not quite right”, and then let her work her magic is very impressive.  The price of the alterations was reasonable from my perspective ($29 + tax = $30.45) for the hemming and then taking it in on the sides.  She even steamed out the jacket that I had to go with the dress, and steamed out the ribbon belt so that it didn’t have any odd creases in it.  I would most definitely recommend going here if you’re ever in London, Ontario.  Yes…you’re actually getting my temporary location – although considering I’m moving it makes little difference at this point.  Details on Stonington Accents are on their business card on the side, or you can find more information out at http://www.StoningtonAccents.ca

H4RO - Wedding AccessoriesThe last commentary on this who dress debacle will be courtesy of some commentary on accessorizing and styling the damn thing.  (Collage courtesy of Polyvore, product details with link)  If I would have kept that coat and gone with some basic black heels, the alterations still would have been lost in the atrocity.  The first switch up was the jacket – I opted for a relaxed tuxedo style jacket with three-quarter length sleeves (Wilfred, from Aritiza).  Aside from this being my go-to jacket for all evening events, it also played well with accenting the flirty length of the dress.  Jewelry came from my Tiffany’s collection:  Paloma Picasso Black Onyx Bracelet, Elsa Peretti Teardrop Earrings, and the Tiffany Signature Narrow Ring in Black Enamel.  These three pieces I wear together on a pretty regular basis, except swap out the teardrop earrings for black onyx bead studs.  The EP earrings in particular are a pair of my favourites and I often wear them on a daily basis.  Shoes were from Kate Spade, the Karolina style – which I certainly have to rant and positively RAVE about.  I can’t wear heels that often, so when I find a pair that are this tall that I can wear all night, I’m in awe!  Granted my feet were a little sore by the end of the evening, but they lasted from about 2pm until midnight…so I have to give the shoes mad props.  The pair I have are in a slightly lighter pink-ish pale gold colour, but if I would have had access to the bronze ones shown, I would have worn those.  The final addition was an oversized wristlet/clutch from Coach.  This is from their early winter collection from 2009, so I am doubtful that you can still get your hands on it…but if you do happen to see it, I highly recommend it.  It’s a similar tone to the shoes I was wearing (hence its addition), and is the right size to hold a camera, blackberry, face powder, lipstick, mascara, plus the essential money instruments (cards, cash, etc.).  Hair was done loose and curly so as to accommodate the humid conditions and to inject movement and fun, complementing the style of the dress.

I think that’s all I have to say about this particular ensemble…I went with classic neutral accessories and mixed metallics so as to keep the attention on the otherwise colourful dress.  By mixing up the accessories I managed not detract from the outfit, and to avoid looking to matched and overstyled.  Hope you enjoyed this dive into styling and fashion…there will definitely be more than a few of these H4ROs to come!


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