I’m Back…well I will be soon enough.

Rationale as to why I haven’t put up a blog post in nearly 3 weeks? See following list:

  • I’ve been moving home and was away on holidays.
  • I’m attempting to make cohesive and reasonable Polyvore collages of all the pretty things I’ve acquired that are relevant to this blog.
  • I have a post that I’m working on as a follow-up to the Tom Ford lipstick commentary I posted.
  • I have a follow-up to the bag debacle post that I had before, very interesting outcome if I do say so myself.

I have other things to chat about…but they should probably be made sensible before they show up on this blog. I promise I’ll be back to normal after the weekend…I have so many things and stories to share!

PS:  In the meantime go and check out the Cheap and Chic post (http://thedailyobsession.net/2010/06/cheap-chic-june-2010/) from The Daily Obsession for June – with specific reference to the Alex and Ani jewellery.  It’s pretty damn cute and I might be forced against  my will (I jest) to indulge in a pice or two.


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