The state of my room.

This is my room.  My room is a mess.  The mess of my room is a problem.  My room is a problem.  (See photographic evidence below, excuse lousy Blackberry photo quality)

The above, is a large part of the reason why I haven’t been able to actually blog for the past week since arriving back this side of the 49th parallel.  The disaster of my room is precluding me from being functional or actually doing anything productive.  Here’s the drill though, my mission (that must be achieved before 2pm today, Saturday July 3rd) should I choose to accept it is:  to make some sense out of the insanity of shoes, books, handbags, and clothes that are currently taking up residence on my bed, floor, desk, and chair.

The primary issue though, is that I’m sorting and arranging things as I go, editing through my childhood closet now, much in the same way that I ransacked my university closet (to some extent) as I was packing to move back home.  The current state of that?  Two giant contractor bags worth of clothing to donate or to put in a consignment store.  Hence a large part of the reason why the contents of my suitcases and a few boxes are currently lying post-tornado style around my room.

Here’s what I’m finding interesting though.  I’m attempting to find any possible excuse to avoid cleaning my room, and yet it’s the one thing that’s precluding me from doing anything of any actual relevance in my life.  It’s a vicious circle and it’s driving me nuts, making me cave in on myself a little, and will probably send me running to a shrink in short course.

It makes me wonder though, if there are any other basic tasks that induce the same reaction in me, or in the remainder of the population.  I question then to the blogosphere and the small handful of readers who actually read this (I know that you are few and far between):  What drives you mental to the point that you just avoid it all together?

Wish me luck on my task at hand…hopefully I’ll have an accomplishment post and actually be able to put up the more interesting posts back on schedule for Monday.


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