The solution to the handbag dilemma.

The decision was made about two weeks ago now, but the delay in the post is on account of the fact that I wanted to be absolutely 100% sure that I was as thrilled with my decision now as I was when I first made it.  Therefore, with out further ado…{cue the drumroll please}…the winner is…

Neither of the two bags that I had originally intended on purchasing.

Before I divulge what the real winner is, let me explain why I am not the current owner of either the Chloe Marcie bag, or the Mulberry Alexa.

Mulberry Alexa - Net-a-Porter

The Mulberry explanation is shorter, so I’ll start with that.  A dear friend, a dear horrendously fashion knowledgable (and rather stylish) friend of mine, quite kindly pointed out (and I quote):  “…for some reason, it feels like a poor man’s PS1 and I think that probably has to do with the fact it’s similar in style and came after the PS1 but either way, something about the leather has always looked ‘off’ to me…” Valid point, and touché.  The biggest problem with that comment is that it got me thinking, and now I’m being stalked by the Proenza Schuler PS1 – across various blogs I read, and in person.  Tragic, but at least now I know what my next bag purchase investment will be.  NO negotiations available, decision made.  Well unless I manage to save up enough to purcahse an Hermes Kelly  bag…but more on that later.

Chloe Marcie - Net-a-Porter

Now, a quick commentary on the Chloe…or perhaps an ode to disappointment considering how much I previously adored this bag.  I went to Nordstrom, I saw, and the love affair died.  There was something that was just an irreconcilable turn off about the bag (or at least the incarnation of it that I saw).  It had a lack of any conceivable shape, the colour was just not enough of anything (it was tragically not in the deep saddle brown that I had swooned over), and it merely just lacked the spark and glow that I had always envisioned it would have.  Maybe I talked it up too much in my head, maybe it truly wasn’t the bag for me.  Nonetheless, it just looked like a trendy bag.  Oh, and I have to interject a with a comment about the faux layered detailing.  I’d read (somewhere that I can’t manage to track down right now) that it was just stitching that made it look like it was detailed leather braiding and layering, but for some reason in photographs that still didn’t bother me, I just thought it was a neat trick.  In person?  Deal-breaker.  It doesn’t deliver on being the cool layered braided look, but looks like an odd stitching pattern.  Fantastic concept.  Lacking in execution.  This was a tragic end to a love affair, and perhaps if I see it years from now in the right colour, worn in to perfection then the spark will be re-ignighted.  But for now, I bid it adieu.

And now, I kid you not, the proper announcement of the winner…

YSL Large Muse, Dark Green

YSL Large Muse, Dark Green - Saks Fifth Avenue

If you look in my original Polyvore collage, then you’ll see that this bag did in fact make it into the original set of bags I loved.  When I went down to California, I didn’t really plan on buying anything other than the Chloe, but when I saw this bag sitting in on the Saks display shelf I just about died.  I was looking at a Tod’s Shade bag on a table near it, un-stuffing the bag to get an idea of the available space, when the gorgeous dark racing green caught my eye, it jumped off the shelf and merely said…I’m yours. Keep in mind that this is the Large Muse, and not the Oversized Muse.  I did my due diligence, walked around Union Square and looked at other clothes, shoes, and handbags while I left dear Yves on hold…but I had already fallen hard.  I even saw the Oversized in the dark green in Nordstrom, but I still opted for the Large.  Here’s my rationale as to why:  I’m going to be carrying this bag over my shoulder on occasion, but considering the strap length (and its proportion to my shoulders) I will most likely be carrying it in my hand or the crook of my arm; therefore, I need it to be proportional to what I’m utilizing it for and how I’m wearing it.  I’d also like to point something else out:  by having it just that bit smaller, it nicely fits my essentials but will not carry anything superfluous that I might try to jam and cram into its interiors (eg. my Mac, excess books/folders/magazines, etc.).  The colour is also divine.  I wear a lot of colour, but also a lot of blues and greens.  What this colour does is place itself directly in the middle of all of my outfits without clashing, but simply adding that little bit of coloured kick.  The leather is also that nice blend of something in between really rock solid and sturdy (think the classic Kate Spade bags), and deliciously soft (think the Tod’s D-Bag Bauletto).  My one comment on that though, is that it strikes me as the kind of leather that might scuff or scratch easily – giving the bag character which I’m not adverse to, but still not something I’m crazy about.  Final comment is on the style.  The price tag on this bag is not cheap – go look it up on Saks for yourself, I feel a little ashamed (covertly) for having spent that much…but that shame dissipates quickly.  Due to said price, I wanted to make sure that I was going to get sufficient wear out of it as both a day and an evening bag.  Colour definitely accomplishes that, but also the classic style and brushed gold hardware ensure that it doesn’t have an over the top day look and looks great with evening attire (think nice meal…not black tie gala), or too much of a sophistication and elegance (which it still has in spades) that it’s too dressy for daytime.

Overall I’m quite pleased, well more like positively delighted and thrilled.  And this whole process helps me prove a point to myself:  that you really do have to put time, effort, and a little thought into these investments in order to truly be satisfied with the results.



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4 responses to “The solution to the handbag dilemma.

  1. Meg

    Do you like how I seem to comment on all your posts either here or on Facebook?! Sheesh you think I would leave you alone! Anyway, re: possible leather scratching I would say, don’t worry. I have a very minor scratch (and not deep) on my Muse and you can’t see it at all. In fact, the one thing I never considered but love about my Muse is that the leather is incredibly hard wearing. Of all my bags, it is in the best condition with probably the roughest use. The only place I lost color was along the edges/sides of the handle and the edges/sides of the zipper but this can be fixed fairly easily. Like a lot of more stiff or thicker leathers I find that the Muse leather really develops overtime and you’ll get a great patina. Congrats again!

    • Dear readers. The above is the individual to whom that lovely blog quote can be attributed. Meg know’s all, and sometimes it scares me.

      Dear Meg. Thanks for the note about the leather, and for the insight.

  2. Zelym

    I’ve been around here for a while now, and I finally found something worth writing about

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