Tom Ford Lipstick: The Review.

If you’ve read any of the previous posts on this blog, you may or may not recall an M3 on the topic of the Tom Ford Lipsticks when they were previewed in Vogue.  When I was in California about two month ago now, I indulged and purchased two of them – a taupe-pink tone (Pink Dusk) and a deeper dark berry plum colour (Bruised Plum).  I have been resisting the urge to put up an entry regarding them until I had the opportunity to really give them each a solid trial period before making a final decision on them.

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour Promo Image {from}

Now if you’ve been watching anything on the web on these, you’ll know that there are some very mixed reviews on the product.  Words such as dry and chalky have come up when referring to some of the lighter colours, and uneven when referring to some of the darker colours.  It’s either that or an absolute dying love for the lipsticks.  Actually, two of my favourite beauty blogs and YouTube channels, Lollipop26 and Belle Du Jour NYC, have what appear to be totally opposing viewpoints on the subject.  You can check out their entries here Belle Du Jour NYC and here Lollipop26 respectively.

And with those links aside, I shall share my thoughts.  Summed up?  I actually do quite enjoy both of the colours that I acquired.  On totally different ends of the colour spectrum I’ve managed to actually get an opportunity to experience all the various facets of the TF lipstick endeavour.  Let me rephrase my previous comment – I LOVE both of these lipsticks.  I’ll split up my review into three different points – formulation , colour, and packaging.  Feel free to jump to whichever bit you find most relevant.

TF Pink Dusk {from}

Formulation – I find these to be quite creamy lipsticks.  They glide on very nicely and don’t impart a heavy glossy finish, but at the same time are not matte formulations.  They’re nice under a gloss, but I prefer them on their own on the lips.  A review on called the formulation something akin to Chapstick, which I have to agree with wholeheartedly.  It’s a very sturdy feeling lipstick and it lasts a remarkable amount of time on the lips.  I find them to be just the right amount of moisturizing without feeling slippery on the lips (like a MAC Cremesheen) or at all in the least bit drying.  I’m fairly sure it’s got to do with the actual ingredients in the tube, which count a number of moisturizing oils and butters amongst their exotic contents.  I automatically put Smith’s Rosebud Salve on my lips every morning and evening, and I can’t say that I suffer from dry lips at all – but I can see how the formulation might be a tad on the dry side if you already have dry lips.  Personally I found it more moisturizing than anything else, and actually found myself using it as opposed to Chapstick throughout the day to freshen up.

TF Bruised Plum {from}

Colour – The colour payoff is exquisite, incredibly true to tube and wears gorgeously on the lips.  There are 4 “pink nude” tones in the collection, of which I acquired Pink Dusk.  I can’t wear nudes generally (chalk it up to a pale complexion that requires colour wherever possible), but the pink base of this colour manages to create a neutral canvas on my lips without washing me out.  It wears consistently throughout the day, and only really required applications post meals (understandable).  Bruised Plum is a different story.  I wear colours like this quite often (opting for the neutral eye, hyper-pigmented lip look most often), and although I was scared out of my skin when I opened the tube, once I slicked it on my lips I was floored at how gorgeous the colour was.  As it started to wear throughout the day it did lighten in colour, but it still retained its berry plum tone on the lips.  Although by the time re-application was required (post-meals or after about 4-ish hours) it wasn’t the deep plum-maroon as at the time it was first applied, it was still an incredibly gorgeous colour.

Packaging – A large part of the reason why I wanted this lipstick was actually the packaging.  The white lacquered metal with the gold edging and the sheer weight of the tube in one’s hand makes this lipstick feel majestic and expensive.  There’s also a click with the closing of the tube (as pointed out by Belle Du Jour NYC) that just seems so determined and civilized.  In all honesty, the packaging alone makes me feel like a vintage movie star, let alone the colours.  I can be wearing the most casual of outfits and bags, and the mere act of pulling one of these gold and white tokens out of my bag and using the divine colours makes me feel like a million dollars.  You get the impression, right from the packaging to the formulation to the TF imprinted on the top of every tube, that there was a phenomenal amount of thought and effort put into this collection.

I’d seriously recommend giving these lip colours a try.  The Private Blend Lip Colours by Tom Ford are available at most upscale department stores, so the next time you’re feeling indulgent (with a $45 price tag), consider these are part of your wish list.


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