A little link to inspiration?

I was reading back posts on bluemossgirls and I found this pretty fantastic post linking me to these super-cool kiel mead – key rings, which I have to admit are pretty neat.

{Excuse me…did my adjective vocabulary just get taken back to middle school?…wicked weird…}

Nonetheless, it reminded me of these really cool pieces of jewelry that I got this weekend at Purr in Calgary.  Definitely a place to check out for funky unique jewelry if you’re in town.  Small selection, but one of the few places I’ve been able to find Erica Weiner jewelry in person.  Although I went on a serious Tiffany’s kick for a while, I’m branching out and Erica Weiner and Ginjer Jar have started to take up more than their fair share of my jewelry box alongside Links of London.

All of this got me to thinking about how much my style has lately been influenced by a variety of blogs I’ve been reading.  Sheer inspiration to be a little more laid back from bluemossgirls…awesome twitter musings and epic jewelry and fashion recommendations from shoppingsmycardio…the desperate need to replace my straw fedora courtesy of the epically cool styles of Cupcakes and Cashmere and theGlamourai {both of who’s styles I just want to steal. Period.}…and apparently my latest handbag swoons and shoe purchases have been from the PurseBlog and TalkShoes family of blogs.  Ooo…and design blogs as well of course!  Something along the lines of Desire to Inspire or Design Sponge might be more your speed, and I’ve certainly soaked up my fair share of home decor inspiration from these two particular blogs.

Personally I think it’s pretty amazing when all of my otherwise “wasted & mindless” time spent online reading blogs and participating on forums actually starts entering the bits and pieces of my real life.  Even though a lot of these links are on my “What I Read” page, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to throw a few of my favourites onto this particular post and these streams aren’t a bad place to be directed to!  The other thing is that because there are so many fantastic blogs on the interwebs, sometimes the overlap in content is inevitable.  Some days all I want to do is throw up dozens of links to other peoples blogs on things that I’ve either found interesting or cool.  Does that make me bad blogger?  Or does that make me a keen locater of inspiring content?

Inspiration abound I believe a long weekend of blog post creation is in order.  Stay tuned as always.

{side note}  A dear friend of mine has carved out her own bit of the interweb for the purposes of adding a little sparkle to everyone’s day courtesy of her jewelry finds.  She has great taste, so you should probably go and check her out as well…sparklebelle


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