Reading my way through September.

As I mentioned {or maybe didn’t, can’t remember} I am taking a gap year between undergraduate and graduate school and am therefore in the process of applying for jobs, sending out resumes, scouring the streets {okay, maybe an overstatement} but the deal is that most of these posts aren’t due up until the end of September.  Predicament: I need to get through September without being totally bored out of my skull.  So Kate, write more on your blog! {This is what I would like to imagine my readers would say}.  And I will…write more on my blog that is.

In the meantime though, while I’m not trolling the internet looking for inspiration and drooling over the various fashion collections:  I am going to read.

One of my absolute favourite things is to spend hours upon hours in a bookstore {smaller and out of the way are preferable} finding new books to read.  I therefore have accumulated a phenomenal number of books, all of which I would like to get through in the near-ish future.  I’m not going to say that I’m not going to buy any new books, because I don’t like lying to my readers.  What I will say is that I am going to attempt to read primarily books that I have acquired as of late.  That and perhaps finish the half dozen or so books that I’m halfway through.

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I’m pretty damn picky about my books, or at least the way they’re handled.  No broken spines people!  It’s far too tragic a sight for me to see, and the physical sound of it absolutely kills me.  Therefore I do not lend out my books…but perhaps through the miracle of blogging and this thing they call digital photography {and my incessant rambling of course} you can dive into my library with me.  The two stacks above are books I have yet to read, and then the following are the titles I’m currently part of the way through.  Reviews will be around if the book is worth sharing…but otherwise I just intend to fill my head with the wonderful wisdom and perfect imaginings that books have to offer.

And without further ado:  The books I am trying to finish.

  • The Book of Air and Shadows : Michael Gruber
  • The September Society : Charles Finch
  • The Raw Shark Texts : Steven Hall
  • The Slap : Christos Tsiolkas

And another list:  Books I’ve recently read that are worth mentioning because they were pretty fantastic and read in less than a day.

{Image from GoogleImages}

The Faculty Club : Danny Tobey – Fantastic.  If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a secret society or found them fascinating, this is probably a must-read for you.  I absolutely could not put this down.  Just enough outside the realm of reality, yet firmly enough within it, to be the perfect escape.  Great quick read that makes me regret not going to law school yet…

{Image from GoogleImages}

The Magicians : Lev Grossman – I picked this up because Borders said it was “Harry Potter for the adult world”, or something along those lines.  I get the comparison, I loved the book.  If you’re willing to dive into a bit of a real-world wizard application, then I’d highly recommend this book.  I am absolutely dying for the next book to come out in the series…but sadly that’s not until Spring 2011.

{Image from GoogleImages}

The Hunger Games : Suzanne Collins – Had it recommended enough times that I felt obliged to read it.  Read it in about 4 hours {thank-you young adult fiction}.  Excellent reading, regardless of your age.  And considering that now the entire trilogy is available…read them now!  The next two books had better live up to the first, otherwise I will be tres miffed.

Bookworm signing off…and about to dive back into my latest book!

{PS: If you’re looking for some good suggestions for YA Lit, Chick Lit or the like, check out a blog that a fellow Alpha Phi writes.  With regular posts and a good selection of titles, her blog is helping to keep my library full…The Lady Critic’s Library…}


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