Desperately seeking a diary.

Daytimer, dayplanner, journal, whichever name you so choose to use, I’m in the market for one.  Since I was 14 I’ve had the same plain black leather diary from Coach, but alas it’s now the time to perhaps consider replacing the poor thing.

I’ve tried the whole “just using a plain Molskine notepad to jot down notes and dates” type thing, but it just doesn’t quite fulfil the requirements.  I need specific dates, I need space to write lists, and I need it to hopefully be something that isn’t heinous to look at.  That last bit seems to be the absolute worst at trying to fulfil.  And the inserts!  Goodness gracious, I positively swear finding the right layout for the pages of the week is an absolute nightmare.

Therefore, I’ve decided to share my search, and what I’ve found thus far in terms of possible solutions.  For all I know there are more than a few who refuse to cave into the “paperless, please attach me to my PDA/Blackberry/iPhone/Android even more because my schedule is on here” and need a new hard-copy diary and may or may not actually appreciate the information.  Search results thus far then, follow.

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Filofax – Standard issue.  I swear these are the “default diary” for those who are looking to invest in something more long term.  Variety of sizes, variety of shapes and inserts, variety of die-hard fans.  Enough of a choice, and yet I still feel that these scream practical through their otherwise “attempting to be fashionable” exteriors.

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Hermes – Considering I don’t see a Kelly or a Birkin anywhere in my near future, I figure a little indulgence in this brand will have to be reserved to breaking the bank for one of their to-die-for scarves…or perhaps a daytimer.  Raved about on some of the forums I frequent, the Globe-Trotter has somehow managed to work its way onto my list of potential candidates.  Colour?  Why a classic Hermes orange of course!

{Image from}

Smythson – Colour:  Red.  Not just because it seems to be the only colour available online…but because I require something to sit in my purse and positively SCREAM at me that I need to check it or attach myself to it.  I’m seriously considering a temporary year-to-year disposable version from them…but it seems like such a waste.  A friend got one as a gift and now I’m secretly coveting one.

{Image from}

Mulberry – For some reason I’ve been drawn towards this brand as of late, and in all honesty the gorgeous aesthetic of their diaries is no exception.  I’m particularly enjoying the embossed versions in the Oak printed leather.  Dimensions are still a little tricky…but I think I’m going to like the smaller size {in comparison to what I’m used to using}.

{Image from}

Longchamp – The brand that reminded me that I need a new diary.  The location in San Francisco in Union Square in particular, but that’s beside the point.  I really just love the leather and the style of these – good and basic.  Still having some issues with the format of their inserts…but perhaps I’ll get over it.  And could even get a pink one to match my Longchamp laptop cover! {Wow I’m a girl…}

The search is on…enjoy the results!  Oh, and suggestions always appreciated.


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