Tunes for Tuesdays: Kaleidoscope Heart, Sara Bareilles.

Sometimes I think this blog goes all over the place with its content…but then I realize that the purpose of it is for me to share my general musings about things…and I manage to get over it.

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Considering the amount of time I’ve been spending at my computer as of late, I’ve been listening to a lot of music.  A few of my pre-orders on iTunes have also come through as of late as well…so I’ve been listening to those on repeat primarily.  The most recent of my pre-oders that I just haven’t been able to get over is the new album from Sara Bareilles, Kaleidoscope Heart.

I was already a fan of the song King of Anything from when it was released as a single at the beginning of July, and I was more or less just excited to listen to the album as a whole to see how it measured up to its predecessor Little Voices {which I really do quite enjoy}.  I do have to say, that this is one of those chance releases of which I actually enjoy all of the songs.  Sara lives up to expectations, and delivers on the sound that her listeners are used to and appreciate from her.

One thing I would have to say about this album {as with her last} is that there is a certain vibe that is very consistent throughout the various tracks.  This is great from the perspective that you can enjoy all of the songs, and it gives a very cohesive feel to the whole album, meaning that you listen to it the whole way through and feel as though you’re on a single musical journey with the artist.  Can it start to feel a little re-produced and repetitive?…I’d have to say not quite {although some could argue yes}.  The material for the lyrics is just diverse enough {with a bit of a break-up edge} that you don’t feel as though you’re listening to the same song over and over again, just a similar quirky lilting beat that underlies the music.  The lyrics are catchy {not in an awful no diversity way} and interesting.

Speaking of songs, my favourites from the album would have to be as follows, and a few of my favourite lyrics: {excuse my phrasing, it’s not precise – amongst my diverse college classes, music was never one of them}

  • Uncharted…I’m already out, of foolproof ideas / So don’t ask me how
    to get started / It’s all uncharted…
  • Gonna Get Over You…Maybe, it’s a vicious little word that could slay me / Keep me when i’m hurting / You make me hang from your hands, but no more…
  • King of Anything…But you expect me to jump up on board with you,
    And ride off into your delusional sunset…
  • Say You’re Sorry…It’s not the curtain closing causing us to call it a day / I want to walk away too / But I want you to say you are sorry…
  • Not Alone…I’m not ready for the darkness / Swear upon a heartless soul…

All in all?  The kind of album that I’d listen to in the background that’s just upbeat and peppy enough to keep me in a good mood, yet the kind of music that I also want to sing along to while driving on a bright and sun-shining day.

Interested in taking a listen?  Check out, and make sure to download the album from iTunes here.


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