Interwebs Wednesday: Gossip Girl, by Daily Intel.

Given the return of Gossip Girl to the small screen for Season Four this past Monday, I thought it only fitting that this weeks direction I send you in for a little website purusal is in fact something that I look forward to nearly as much as the show itself:  the weekly recap and reality index from NY Magazine’s Daily Intel.  As with many of the slightly cool things in my life, I have to thank Meg for recommending this a couple of years ago…and as I result I am passing it along.

gg quoteFrom the more than entertaining post introductions to the perfectly pointed, mildly sarcastic, and always appreciated reality index, my Tuesday morning coffee {during show season} is always accompanied by this wonderful recap.  Plus more than I care to count {yes, that’s my cheesy ode to the reality index plus/minus scale – Minus a few dozen for not being more creative}, for always having something to remind me and make me fondly {or not so fondly} reminisce about the previous night’s episode.  Gossip Girl is one of the TV shows that I watch for a fashionable break from reality and a weekly guilty pleasure, and it’s nice to be able to give the thing a bit of a critique the morning after and firmly plant each episode in the realm of {as per this week’s slogans} either : Realer Than Dating Tiger Woods for a Year and Only Getting a Chicken Wrap”, or “Faker Than Serena Taking Up Drawing, Even When There Are Naked Swarthy Frenchmen Involved” {note: these are their spot on quotation titles, not mine}.  The reality index pulls out key moments of the show and with the inevitable dose of wit and criticism either provides positive {plus} points for things that manage to root the show firmly on the side of reality or negative {minus} points for things that remind us that it’s delivering oodles of unrealistic nonsense.

What I appreciate most about the Daily Intel recap though, is that the writers manage to deliver a sound reminder of what actually happened the previous night {whether or not you managed to see the show, although I do recommend watching it pre-reading} while not delivering a blow-by-blow summary of the actual episode.  I watched or didn’t watch the episode the previous night given my own time constraints, replay-recaps are not what I’m looking for…I WANT COLOUR COMMENTARY…and that’s what it delivers.

So, for those of you who are Gossip Girl fans, need a recap, or are just looking for something that manages to remind you that it is in fact fictional television I have to dutifully send you across the web to the Gossip Girl Recap, by Daily Intel {psst…those words are linked…click them…}.


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One response to “Interwebs Wednesday: Gossip Girl, by Daily Intel.

  1. Meg

    I like that I am responsible only for things that are “slightly cool”! haha – I swear, I half watch Gossip Girl just so I can read the Daily Intel posts.

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