Handbag Craving: The school-style satchel.

Perhaps it’s the “back-to-school” vibe that seems to be flooding the interwebs right now {oh, and I guess it’s September now isn’t it}, or perhaps that menswear/ladylike trend that’s circling around for Fall…regardless, I seem to be seeing a phenomenal number of satchel/schoolbook type bags around.  Subconsciously I’m sure it’s my yearning for a PS1…but we’ll put that aside.

I had messenger bags all the way through high school and university – my practical solution to a backpack because I left my penchant for all things Jansport, MEC, and Hedgren hanging out with middle school.  I took a short trip back to the backpack with the classic Swiss Army backpack for those “I spent my day in the library researching a paper” days, and of course will always have a soft spot and a use for my LuluLemon knapsack…but messenger bags and the quintessential satchel currently retain my favour.

{A little bit of my collection...}

Part of my liking for this particular trend harkens back to a bag I acquired from Cole Haan in the late summer of 2008, the Village Pocket Shoulder Bag.  Knapsack extraordinaire, perfect burnt orange, pockets to spare, and just school-type enough that it felt like an appropriate back-to school acquisition.

I always think it’s interesting when something comes into vogue that can strike a balance between useful, classic, and yet still on par with current trends.  Satchels, messenger bags, and the like {whether worn for fashion or for function} seem to have a practicality that allows for an otherwise feminine outfit to have just enough edge that you don’t look too doll-like.  In an interview with Net-a-Porter {quite a while ago…see video here on PurseBlog.com} the creators of Proenza Schouler indicated that the PS1 {the quinessential bag for this category} was supposed to be an “anti-IT bag”, “like school boys bag stripped of everything”, that it was supposed to possess an understated insider vibe that was worthy of the silent nod and smile over someone’s handbag selection.  I’d have to say that perhaps that’s what’s drawn me to the satchel-style bags – the fact that they’re just fashionable enough to not look too utilitarian, and yet practical enough to validate themselves as day-to-day bags.  With some of the more traditional shapes, there’s also that kind of kitschy nostalgia that goes along with having a little kid’s school bag.  Perhaps a way to be unconventional yet appropriate.

Here are a few of the fun ones that I’ve found as of late that are definitely going to make my lust list for the fall.

{Cambridge Satchel Company, 14″ Green Satchel, Photo from CSC}

{Proenza Schouler, Large PS1 in Smoke Suede, Photo from Net-a-Porter.com}

{Mulberry, Oversized Alexa in Oak Soft Bufalo, Photo from Mulberry.com}

{Roots, Village Satchel in Denim Rustler Leather, Photo from Roots.com}

{TopShop, Medium Leather Buckle Satchel, Photo from TopShop.com}

{Image from InStyle.co.uk}

Coincidentally enough, on Friday while doing my grocery shopping I decided to indulge in a couple of magazines that I hadn’t yet acquired for their September issues.  One of these was InStyle UK Edition.  There’s in fact an entire page worth of Autumn Satchels on page 107…and I have to say they’re a lovely selection {even if they are missing the PS1}.  Right from Mulberry to Cambridge Satchel Company, I have to tip my hat to InStyle UK for fuelling my lust even further.  In actual fact the entire InStyle Rules A/W 2010 section is pretty comprehensive and possesses some fantastic pieces.  It’s also just manageably thin enough that I might be keeping this issue in my bag for the next little while as I collect my A/W pieces.


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