Tunes for Tuesday: Remixed Dynamite.

Yes, I’m referring to that song.  You know.  The one that’s been repeatedly been on every radio station and nightclub playlist for long enough that you know it the second it starts to play.  I have to say this much, almost as a disclaimer of sorts:  Taio Cruz is a definite pump-up guilty pleasure of mine…and in particular this song.

The thing is that as much as I was placing my iTunes DJ to put the original next in my queue, over the past weekend I wasn’t actually searching the original version of this song at all.  In fact, it’s some slower acoustic remixes and the like that have been filling that very same queue.  I feel required, nay obligated to share with you two particular renditions that are quickly finding themselves associated with the replay button.

{Image from iTunes}

First off there’s the mashup that showed up in its fair share {read: vastly numerous} YouTube subscription boxes on the 11th of September from the dynamic duo of Sam Tsui and his producer Kurt Schneider.  These are the ones that brought you the multiple versions Sam singing the Michael Jackson medley…or the same concept working out the eve popular Don’t Stop Believin’ or Fireflies.  The mashup consists of Love the Way You Lie {from Rhiana and Eminem}, Teenage Dream {from Katy Perry}, and the aforementioned Dynamite {from Taio Cruz}.  The blend of these songs is surprisingly {or not so much considering it’s source} appealing and although I vehemently dislike Love the Way You Lie, I quite loved it in this combination.  As catchy as each of the songs are individually, this mix somehow makes them all the more so.  The video can be seen here {click this link}, and in the description of the video there’s an opportunity to download the free mp3 version of the song as well.  Make sure you check out Sam and Kurt’s original material on iTunes as well {click this link} along with a few of their other collaborations and covers.

{Image from iTunes}

Another link that would have shown up in its fair share of YouTube subscription boxes in the recent past is Mike Tompkins instrument-less version.  This would be the copy of the song that is closest to the original rendition, but has something significantly more authentic to it.  What I appreciate about this though, isn’t even the actual music, but the unbelievable amount of talent that he has.  I jumped on the bandwagon pretty early with this one {ie. once there was a bandwagon, I quickly grabbed a seat}, and to send you scurrying off to a couple of my other favourites I’d have to list his mashup of Teenage Dream {as per Katy Perry} and Just the Way You Are {as per Bruno Mars} which can of course be viewed on his YouTube channel by {clicking this link}.  As for his dynamite version if Dynamite?  Well you can view the video on YouTube, which I think you have to view in order to get the full effect {click this link}, and the single can be downloaded along with a few of his other covers and original material on iTunes {click this link}.

{Image from iTunes}

The third version is a recent personal find, but one that I’m sure has been popular for far longer.  Tyler Ward is another YouTube find, and produces some of the most fantastic acoustic covers of popular songs that I’ve heard in a while.  He’s managed to take this otherwise upbeat club-style song and turn it into a perfect melodic ballad.  It seems heart wrenching and full of innocent hope somehow, which is such a dramatic contrast to the original version.  Other covers of his that I particularly enjoy are Replay {which he did in combination with Jeff Hendrick}, and Teenage Dream {to which he did some mild lyric modification}.  You can find his material on YouTube {click this link} as well as download his cover of Dynamite, other covers and original material on iTunes {click this link}.

Now that you’re sufficiently up to your eyeballs with {clicking this link} tags…I suppose we’re done for today.  Granted don’t get too sick of it.  After all, tomorrow is InterWebs Wednesday so there’s bound to be at least one link you can click there!


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