Interwebs Wednesday: Design*Sponge.

I spent a significant amount of time trolling through the interwebs attempting to see if there was anything new and eye-catching that I felt like sharing this wonderful Wednesday with you.  The thing was, that although I found a few new online jewelry places {not to worry, it’s Pretty Things Thursday tomorrow} and did some online window shopping, a fair amount of the places I ended up were what I deemed as totally fantastic, but the kinds of places that people already spent time {ie. ShopBop, Net-a-Porter, etc.}.  As much as I wanted something new and fascinating, I also started scrolling through some tried and true favourites…which leads me to my recommendation for this week.

And now I take you to the gorgeous and magical place that is Design*Sponge

{Logo from Design*Sponge Online}

I know at there are more than a few of my readers that already have a mild obsession with this perfect online design blog, but for those of you who aren’t already fans…be prepared.  Whenever I’m in the mood to find something pretty and beautifully designed and send myself to the delicious place that is Design*Sponge.  As per the infamous New York Times quote that you can find on their About Us page, Design*Sponge is the “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials”.  Quite an appropriate title I say, especially considering my long-time love of the world of Martha Stewart.  Launched in August of 2004 by Brooklyn-based writer Grace Bonney it is my definitive destination for inspiration, and all things interior design…oh, and for the odd delectable recipe as of late as well.

A few of my favourite posts of the recent past would have to include: Pavé-Style Flower Arrangements, Best Of: Chandeliers, Sneak Peek: Kimberly Cornelison & Alfie Ferreyra, In the Kitchen With: Marjorie Taylor’s Lemon Tart, and Sneak Peek: Fitzhugh & Lyndsay of The Brooklyn Home Co.

As much as I’ve collected about a dozen or so interior design type links over the past few years, Design*Sponge is one I always come back to.  Perhaps it’s on account of my style seeming so in line with what appears on the site, or even that I just appreciate the photography and abundance of ideas…whenever I need a bit of brightening in my day, this is where I turn.  Even when the actual projects or designed spaces aren’t anywhere near what I’m planning or working on, the pretty and always aesthetically pleasing simplicity keeps me always wanting to engage in design, and to accomplishing something that makes my world just that much more special.

Design*Sponge isn’t just a place for me to ramble about, it’s a place you need to check out for yourself…let your own opinions form.  You need to see it to truly appreciate the cohesive diversity {hello oxymoron land!} that appears on the site.

Interwebs Wednesday is really just a place for me to share the blogs and online places that inspire me…but if you’ve got a suggestion for something to feature, or what I should check out, be sure to let me know!


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