Pretty Things Thursday: Jewelry by Venessa Arizaga.

Hm…so my homepage is DailyCandy.  And DailyCandy has provided me with more than my fair share of pretty things, wonderful ideas, and places I want to visit in various cities, over its reign as my homepage.  Some of these things I have passed along to friends, and some have ended up on the blog, and it is the inspiration for today’s Pretty Thing for Thursday:  the jewelry of Venessa Arizaga.

{Logo from}

Made from found the found treasures of a creative traveller, Venessa’s jewelry is eclectic, entertaining, and the ultimate results are fantastic statement pieces.  Colourful silks, smiling skulls, bits of coloured stones and bright charms all make up the kinds of pieces that suddenly transform an otherwise basic black outfit or the quintessential jeans and a t-shirt combination.  What I enjoy about this line is that it focuses on collections, allowing for the bracelet and necklace combinations to work equally well on their own, but without seeming too over the top when worn together.  That being said, it would take a bit of daring to pull off wearing it all at once.  Venessa does also does a remarkable job of ensuring that you know just how the pieces look – with a wide variety of views and modelling photos so that you understand the pieces…which makes online ordering significantly less unnerving.

{Necklace design in Peru Peru, from}

Being the person who loves a solid dose of colour in her wardrobe, but who normally goes for simple jewelry, this line may actually be the one to turn that fashion philosophy on its head.  The necklace that’s above is “Peru Peru”, which definitely holds a place as one of my more out-there favourites from the Fall 2011 collection, yet still strikes me as completely wearable {although I’m a sucker for anything that can tone down the preppy in my otherwise vast cardigan collection}.  A few of my favourites follow…

So I can still gravitate towards my neutral jewelry…with a twist.

{Night Moonlight, from}

{Friendship in the Moonlight and Found Jewels, Bracelets,}

Or a statement for a t-shirt and jeans.

{Those were the Days, from}

Although to balance this with my inner prepster…this is the bracelet I covet.

{Time at Sea, from}

Pieces range in price with the necklaces between $150-$395, and the bracelets ranging from $55-$275.  For lost treasure, that certainly seems like quite the find.  I found that the easiest way to really get a feel for what pieces I loved best was by browsing the online catalogue which you can find on the Collections tab of her website.

So enjoy!  The pretty and playful, yet with enough of an edge to keep from being whimsically girly…be sure to check out the jewelry of Venessa Arizaga as your pretty thing for Thursday.


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