Tunes Tuesday: Paper Lions.

{Paper Lions, from}

A newfound favourite band…as in iTunes put up their single Lost the War from their EP Trophies last week, and I can’t stop listening to this band.  Perhaps it’s the fall season, and there’s something about the depth of the voices, the mixture of instruments, and the variety of song sounds…but whatever it is this strikes me as the kind of music I want to start a new season off with.  All I want to do is keep listening…over and over and over again.

According to their various places on the interwebs, they are a Canadian pop-rock band hailing from PEI and composed of brothers John and Rob MacPhee, their neighbour Colin Buchanan, and the high school friend addition of David MacDonald.  Originally releasing music and touring under the name Chucky Danger Band, they toured extensively from the Queen Charlotte Islands to Charlottetown.  A change of name in 2007, and a period of hibernation in PEI from 2008-2009 has since produced Paper Lions…and some melodious addictive music.

{Paper Lions - Trophies EP, from}

Reminiscent of Rooney, The Crowns, The Redwalls, Alberta Hammond Jr., perhaps a dash of The Bravery…I was actually having a tough time putting my finger on precisely what this music reminds me of you see.  And then I understood: it’s a vague mix of everything I like about non-pop music.  I like listening the lyrics, I like having it on in the background, I like staring out the window to it as I drive.  I just plain like it.  Seeing as this is not perhaps the best description I digress and throw authority to on this particular topic (as they very rarely seem to be wrong is recommending similar artists).  The take on the vibe of Paper Lions?  In the ranks with Joel Plaskett and Said the Whale, followed by a variety of bands that I’ve barely ever heard of (maybe in passing per chance) but who I now have a hankering to listen to.  It is for that aforementioned reason that I recommend you check out their “Similar Artists” pages on to see if perhaps your music tastes are in sync with this band.  Although I suspect most everyone will enjoy this.

A few of my favourite songs?  Lost the War, Don’t Touch that Dial, Travelling (the lyrics are like perfect poetry), Picture, and of course (I feel as though this list wouldn’t quite be complete without it) Queen Charlotte of the Hyenas. That last one is quintessentially Paper Lions…or quintessentially Chucky Danger Band…depending on when you started being a fan.

{Paper Lions, from}

My general recommendation for listeners is to try this out if you just appreciate good off the radar music.  It sounds as though it’s been designed for a great indie movie, or those catchy tunes you listen to in a movie and then spend hours searching for {or buy the soundtrack for}.  If you were ever a fan of the various soundtracks that went along with the television show The O.C., then this is definitely a band to check out.  {You can hate the aforementioned TV show and still agree that they had killer music.}  It’s pop-rock without being sweet, rock without being too hard, and indie without being so far off the mainstream that you feel as though you should be wearing vintage band t-shirts.

They’re currently on tour, and I can only imagine that this is the kind of music that gets better live.  You can check out their website for specific tour dates and stops.

In the mean time, if you can’t catch them live be sure to check out their EP Trophies as well as their self-titled Paper Lions on iTunes.  As for me?  Well I’ll just keep listening.


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