Pretty Things Thursday: Bing Bang NYC.

In flipping through the most recent issue of InStyle, I discovered many a fabulous wearable dainty bit of jewelry that I instantly fell in love with.  In fact there’s an entire handwritten page worth of websites to find these trinkets that I managed to pick out as I riffled through this particular issue.  Enough arsenal to fill a few weeks of Pretty Things Thursday?  Well I should hope so!  Thus I present to you the first of my finds…and a fine find at that…well now what would you say about that?  {I apparently have been reading a little Dr. Seuss as of late, can you tell?}

{Logo, from}

My latest online jewelry obsession comes from a site entitled Bing Bang NYC, and contains the jewelry designs of one Anna Sheffield.  As per the About page on her website {which I might add is directly beside the link to the blog that is kept…bonus points}, it indicates that Bing Bang is a line of haute costume jewelry.  It contains “kind of baubles you might find in an exceptionally well-curated treasure chest.” I absolutely couldn’t have said it better myself.  That description is terribly fitting and music to my ears as the whimsy and dash of play that surrounds the various bits of the lines is exactly the kind of Pretty Things I’ve been drawn to as of late.  Using a mix of metals, Swarovski crystals, and bits of turquoise, pearls and lockets, the line is “Punk Rock sensibility with elegant Victorian femininity” and has most certainly captured my heart.

BingBangNYC Jewelry

With a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings {oh, and gentlemen please do tune in your ears as Anna has whipped up a few pieces for your sort as well}, Bing Bang offers something that can integrate into just about anyone’s jewelry collection…whether it be boxing glove earrings in rose gold, or a gold feather bangle, or perhaps a Victorian key ring.  My problem {as I have a feeling it will be in rapid repetition with many of the things I put on this blog} is that there are just far too many things that I find appealing.  I’ve managed to put a smattering of pieces above for you that I’m positively enthralled with, not the least of which is a pair of caged pearl earrings that take centre stage in that collage.

Anna Sheffield’s Bing Bang jewelry pieces range from $58-325 {for necklaces}, $38-125 {for bracelets}, $30-150 {for earrings}, and $56-148 {for rings}.  This means that regardless of your price range {although granted this is not what I’d deem to be cheap}, if you’re looking for a bit of whimsical minimal investment to round out your current collection or to amp up your costume jewelry drawer, Bing Bang could very well be the line for you.

Now you’ll have to excuse me while I continue to ogle over all of the fantastic bits of treasure that I’ve found on … and make a fleeting attempt to cut my online order down to a more manageable size that doesn’t require Long John Silver’s pirate treasure to foot the bill for the dozens of things I wish to call mine.


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