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I have a confession to make. Despite my attempt to read and understand and embrace all things fashionable, current, and even vaguely trendy, I will forever be a die-hard preppy.  As in Blair Waldorf is my idol, I will always be a sucker for small animals stitched on chinos, bright polos, and plaid, old-school 100% classic preppy.  Take it as you will, with negative or positive or stereotypical judgements abound, there is something that I just find undeniably cool about all things to do with the Preppy/Trad/Americana/WASPy styles. Whether it’s the clean-cut collars, or the perfectly pressed khakis, or the fact that Brooks Brothers is one of the places that I find ultimately calming and luscious…I just love all things preppy. This particular obsession has only been further cultivated by many of the books, blogs, and films I’ve been perusing as of late; therefore, your Interwebs Wednesday is none other than a favourite of mine:

Founded by New York writer Christian Chensvold in 2008, Ivy-Style is a dedication to all things stylish, clean-cut, and oh so old school traditional. If you ever had even a mild fascination for the culture, the clothes, or just sheerly all things that make the Ivy League what it is, I promise, this is will quickly become one of your favourite online hangouts. The ads along the sides of the blog are for such establishments as J.Press, Brooks Brothers, and Bass – just to name a few. The posts? Well kind sir, the range is endless: looking back at the decades gone by that have made this all what it is, reviews of movies and books that make up a quintessential Ivy toned library, and even the odd satirical post that makes this blog never seem pretentious.

Ivy Style & All things preppy.

Now before I start singing its praises for too long, I do caution any of its potential readers that it is {unapologetically and without question} a blog targeted at the male half of the species. Does it mean that they don’t have more than their fair share of female readers {hem hem…hello, I read this!}, of course not – but do be forewarned that this is not the place to find out about Lily Pulitzer’s new furniture line, or a place to indulge in pearls, polka dots, or really anything feminine. If you’re looking for that, I send you the way of The Preppy Princess…another one of my classic online haunts.

For me, is my destination for nostalgia, definition, and the more fine-tuned understanding of it all. A place that {even though I am female} makes me feel less ashamed and in fact even more proud to sport a steady stream of polo shirts and perfectly woven cardigans. It’s one of those rare blogs that I’m reading back-issues of posts for, and has almost gotten to the mildly obsessive point where I feel as though I should just take notes…and send all potential suitors to before properly committing.  I will also inevitably be spending far too much time for my own good honing an understanding of the differences between Prep, Ivy, Trad, Americana and the like – as clearly this is vital knowledge…alongside knowing what a “Princeton” haircut is {as in the haircut that should be sported, period.}

Even if you’re not quite as much of a die-hard preppy fan as I am, I still recommend you check it out. Whether just out of blatant interest, for a socio-cultural history lesson, or maybe just to get a better handle on why this style {both in life and fashion} may never quite be out.



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2 responses to “Interwebs Wednesday:

  1. Wow, I am ever-so-flattered to be included in your post, thank you. And we are of a similar mind with Christian, that is one nifty site.

    Sending you a smile,

  2. Hello. I became aware of your post through my Google Alert for “Chensvold, potential suitor.” Thanks for the kind words.


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