M3 November: Best of the Web 2010, InStyle.

{Cover from InStyle.com}

Online junkies rejoice!  InStyle has heard the cries for a traditional media source to scour the web for the best in fashion, beauty, and the like.  The 223 sites {contained throughout the magazine}, primarily in the article “Best of the Web 2010” by Jessica Shambora,  are definitely worth a read and perhaps an online perusal.

The spread is 17 pages in length and really does boast some tried and true picks from fashion to gifts and housewares.  It also includes a nifty “Ready…Set…Surf!” page at the end that you could hypothetically rip out and pin by your computer that contains all of the websites plus any discount codes that InStyle has managed to wrangle out of the companies for your benefit.  {I say hypothetically because I really dislike destroying my glossies…}

I was a little skeptical when I saw this in this month’s issue as having this as a component.  My immediate reaction was that it would be primarily mainstream sites, or even just a highlighting of the online versions of the in person stores that we all love so much.  I have to give it some credit though {they clearly did their reserach}, there were a few sites I’d never heard of…but the piece was definitely drenched in classics.  When I refer to classics, I’m speaking of the likes of…but certainly not limited to {and don’t get me wrong, the following is a list of some of my favourite online shopping haunts}: ShopBop, Madewell, Net-A-Porter, Etsy, Piperlime, TopShop, ModCloth, etc.  Sidebar: if these aren’t a part of your regular collection of online bookmarks…fix this now.

What InStyle has done a fantastic job of is giving a variety – hard to find shoes sizes, plus-size fashions, sidebars on blogs and celebrity favourites…and really a site to appeal to each individual style {relatively speaking}.  Just as how your favourite city guidebook is riddled with restaurants to try and shops to step into, the feature is a great guide to navigating through the web.  What I appreciate it for is all of the reminders of online spaces that I was forgetting to re-visit – those excellent home stores online, or creative places to buy gifts.  That and each of the sections has a section on “Blogs”…which clearly makes it worth checking out!

If you can’t get your hands on the issue, search “Best of the Web 2010” on the InStyle.com site {which I’ve already done for you…here…}, and you can get a smattering of all of the pages by clicking on the various headlines that show up.

Essentially it has re-invigorated my arsenal of bookmarks…and who knows…perhaps more than a few will be popping up on InterWebs Wednesday in the future!


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