Rant or Rave Thursday: Diorshow Mascara.

Ah yes…mascara.  Without a doubt this is the product that I rarely never leave the house without applying.  I’ve been through my fair share of drugstore mascaras {most of which have ended up the the bin of no return}, and a good chunk of mid-range department store brands as well.  From the time I was 16, my favourite was unquestionably BadGal Lash from Benefit {and still is…but in its “Plum” colour for days when a natural face is the goal}.  Excellent mascara, but as I mentioned – now relegated to my collection of coloured options.  As for black I’ve manged to work my way through the Diorshow offering and have, well, a few things to say about the range that they’ve managed to put out.

Dior offers 4 versions of its Diorshow mascara:  The Classic/Original Diorshow, Diorshow Iconic, Diorshow Blackout, and Diorshow Extase.  These plus the Diorshow Maximizer Primer make up the full line.  It’s taken me some time, a few dollars, and some effort…but I’m happy to report that I’ve made my way through them all…and am certainly not short on opinions about each of them.

And on to the review…in no particular order.

{Image from Sephora.com}

Iconic – This incarnation of Diorshow delivers lovely natural separated lashes.  A couple of coats delivers just the right amount of lash impact for day wear, without being too dramatic for setting where makeup with a little extra drama isn’t encouraged.  The brush is a series of stiff combs surrounding the applicator that deliver a similar look to applying your mascara with a mascara comb.  While not my absolute favourite of the line, Iconic still rests in a very comfortable place rotating as my daytime natural mascara alongside the Kiehl’s Marvelous Mineral Mascara. {Retails from Sephora.com for $27}

{Image from Sephora.com}

Blackout – Dear drama filled thick lashes, clearly thou hast been created from this product.  No flaking, no transfer, just deep dark delicious evening lashes.  This is without a doubt my favourite dressed-up mascara.  The colour manages to be darker than the Classic formulation, yet without delivering those evening time racoon eyes that would normally exist following not using a waterproof formulation.  The brush is larger than usual {though approximately the same size as the Classic} and in contrast to the Iconic brush, has a multitude of softer bristles surrounding it.  What this delivers is a sufficient yet not overpowering amount of product to the lashes and still manages to separate them enough to deliver impact.  After that commentary, you’d assume per chance that this is my favourite of the line…but really, it’s just my favourite for after hours or when a dramatic lash {champagne shadow and a red lip} is necessary.  {Retails from Sephora.com for $24}

{Image from Sephora.com}

Extase – I try very hard to not use the word hate in my daily vocabulary.  I feel that the emotion is far to strong for general use, but from my high horse I would like to climb down and scream from the top of buildings instead…I HATE THIS PRODUCT!  Ugh.  Too thick, a massive divergence from the normally dry-esque formulations of the rest of the line this is clumpy and wet, and all together just a miserable experience.  I tried it because it was the newest mascara from the range and because it was designed to help curl and define lashes.  The brush looks like a series of figure eights attached together so in theory it seemed like a good idea.  Sincerely though, it’s awful and I just would never ever recommend it.  {Retails from Sephora.com for $28}

{Image from Sephora.com}

Classic – I’m going to say I left the best for last {because the Primer is a complete other ballpark}, and this is positively my favourite mascara.  The brush is quite a bit larger than your standard issue mascara wand {unless you’re a die hard Bad Gal fan}, and the formulation of the product is just creamy enough that it doesn’t equate to putting eyeshadow on your lashes…but is a drier formulation.  This does not equate to flaking or miserable application, and instead equates to the product drying relatively fast and leaving lashes looking about as good as they’re ever going to without adding falsies {even without the primer!}.  Hands down the winner for my favourite mascara of all time.  {Retails from Sephora.com for $24}

{Image from Sephora.com}

Maximizer – And just when I thought Diorshow couldn’t get any better…out comes their primer!  Quite possibly the single best addition to the entire set {aside from the Classic}, this coats lashes with a very thin white veil that prepares them to look even more fabulous than was previously thought possible.  I have been known to take a few seconds to turn my head sideways and examine my lashes in the mirror after just the application of this.  It almost appears as though they’ve doubled in length and suddenly there are lashes on my lashline whose existence I was previously unaware of.  With an identical brush to the Diorshow Iconic, this delivers product evenly and in the perfect quantity.  I recommend this product regardless of what your favourite mascara is…as it can only make it even better.  {Retails from Sephora.com for $28}



I have to say that with the exception of the Extase, these are all products I will/have/and continue to repurchase.


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