Insights, The Second.

As this year starts a fresh, I think we all get a little introspective, reflective, and just generally more mindful of our thoughts.  While this will be accompanied by a few beauty and fashion favourites from the year gone by, I thought I’d take another crack at the “Insights” post that I put up a few months ago.  So indulge me for a page if you will as I take it upon myself to share with you again the things that I have learned or my general musings on life as I’ve worked my way through it thus far.

  1. Roadtrips are always just a little tiring, and odds are no matter who you are driving with or when you are driving at least one of your vehicle companions will fall asleep at some point over the course of the trip.
  2. Good music does not always mean that everyone in the room knows it, or that it was ever considered cool.  Sometimes the best bonding moments with friends or people in general are shared over god awful age old music.
  3. When you keep spinning in circles, just make a decision!  Quit trying to talk things through or attempting to find a happy medium, just take a stance and run with it.
  4. Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, do not forget this.  Your perfume/cologne will always smell like you…not the brand.
  5. Snow can occur in some places every month of the year, even when it’s not supposed to be there.
  6. Even when you’ve had enough sleep and you’re ready to wake up, there is always something fantastically alluring about being curled up perfectly cozy after a night’s sleep.
  7. There is no replacement for a hug.
  8. Simplistic spontanaeity is underrated.  This includes but is not limited to:  telling your friends that they are fantastic people, telling your family you love them, breaking out into song and dance in the middle of a parking lot, showing up on a friend’s doorstep just to say hi and have a cup of tea because you were literally just in the area and thinking of them.
  9. Making a reference to a TV show that was popular when you were a child or teen and someone else not getting it is sincerely and utterly frustrating.
  10. That being said, making an obscure TV reference and having someone who you otherwise thought wouldn’t understand, understands…well that can just make anyone’s day.
  11. Facebook makes the line between what you’re supposed to know, what you actually know, and what you can find out very very blurry.
  12. Fireplaces, blankets, tea/cocoa, and a good book are somehow infinitely better when it’s pouring rain outside.
  13. Someone needs to explain why on earth meeting for lunch or watching a movie in the middle of the afternoon seems to absolutely indulgent.
  14. As much as I enjoy music, there are significant times when silence truly is the best noise.
  15. Mixing social groups is a dangerous proposition, but when it works out it can often generate a pretty fantastic combination.
  16. Having friends who can fit you into their schedules no matter their level of business or en-route-ness is a pretty fantastic thing.
  17. There is no replacement for a good book, a cup of tea, and one’s own imagination.
  18. Sometimes it’s okay to need some time to figure it all out.
  19. There are moments in given highly heated conversations when it’s best just to sit there and smile and nod, simply not say a word…just listen.  Whether or not you’re actually listening is irrelevant, but in theory you should be.
  20. Nostalgia is great, but memory lane should only be followed when in a state when heavy objects are not near and emotional vulnerability is at a minimum. Oh, and also when patience is at an all time high.
  21. There is no substitute to getting dressed up with a great handbag and pair of shoes after working in otherwise dull and/or mundane work attire.  As much as a hoodie and and fantastic pair of sweatpants may be calling your name…getting dressed up to go out with friends after being subjected to a week full of boring makes you feel…well…positively fabulous.

Enjoy 2011 everyone…!


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