Pretty Things Thursday: Monica Vinader.

This week requires a Pretty Things Thursday, in large part because we’re getting a Chinook in my neck of the woods and felt inspired by the wonderful weather.  I apologize in advance to those of you who are still experiencing miserable-ness, hopefully this brightens your day!

I was first introduced to Monica Vinader through Steffans Premier Jewellers, a website dedicated to all things pretty and fabulous in the UK.  I happened upon Steffans as a result of watching FleurDeForce on YouTube, and I have to say the site now occupies a regular rotation in my online window-shopping.

…and realistically it’s this particular bracelet that made me fall in love with the line…

{Fiji Bracelet 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil, Calm, £105}


My time on Steffans always includes a good search through the Monica Vinader offerings, and usually manages to deposit at least one or two of her pieces into my hypothetical “Shopping Basket” that sits idly by at the top of the page only to be discarded with my desperate attempt to exert some self control.  Though, I’d like to make it abundantly clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with the products that are found within it.


Monica Vinader works out of Norfolk, England and originally hails from Spain and has a unique ability to take from a diverse sense of inspiration and refine it into a series of bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces that are playful and yet executed with a keen sense of style.  The most appropriate description of her work is one I found on her website where it states that “Monica Vinader brings us pieces that balance elegance and luxury with practical and simple designs.”  Her mix of metals and textiles reflect a passion for colour and nature, with a soft sophistication.  After being named UK Jewellery Brand of the Year in 2009, she opened a flagship store in Madrid and realistically a perfect place in many a jewellery box the world over.

…personally I wish these were already in my jewellery box…

{Nugget Stud Earrings, 18ct Gold with Labradorite}


What makes me love this brand is the variety of colour and metal mixtures that you view throughout the collection.  The playful refinement is something that fits well with my wardrobe, but is something I can see as being easily widely integrated regardless of taste or personal style.  I love that the colours of her Fiji bracelets relate to sentiments such as Love, Calm, and Courage.  These pieces are not mainstream, but not subversive, and provide just the level of quiet intrigue that I believe a good piece of jewellery should have.  She also has a “Stone Guide” on her website, which I something I really appreciate flipping through as I’m browsing her collection.

I’ve listed my top five favourite pieces from her collection throughout this post along with links to their place on her website.  The vast majority of the collection can be found on, and prices range from about $40 to $400 (hello rare stones!), so there’s a little something for everyone.


{Luna Necklace, 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil with Smoky Quartz, £120}

{Rio Bracelet Sterling Silver, Courage, £98}

{Luna Bracelet, 18ct Gold Vermeil, Cornflower Chalcedony, £125}


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