Scent Sunday: Brooks Brothers New York.

Normally I’d be inclined to send you straight over to my favourite scents blog Scents of Self for any required perfume reviews…but I can’t seem to find this one on her site. In fact a few of my favourites seem to be missing from her collection, so I’m augmenting this for my readers here as part of a new day-of-the-week series addition called “Scent Sunday”. Granted you’ve probably deduced that if you even bothered to read the title of this particular post.

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The first addition to this review kit is a current favourite of mine: New York, by Brooks Brothers. Encased in a perfectly preppy rosy pink square glass bottle and adorned with dark pink “fleece” logos, this is by far the girliest perfume bottle on my vanity. The scent is (unsurprisingly) also one of the most feminine that I wear on a regular basis. It’s feminine without being too docile, preppy and clean without being abrasive, and pleasant…not overpowering.

Described on the Brooks Brothers website as being “A luxurious blend of petals and dewy greens. The heart of the fragrance is a bright bouquet of jasmine, freesia, hyacinth and orris petals enhanced by sophisticated woody notes.” In this fragrance I appreciate the balance of the crisp green notes and the soft florals. I find the pairing much more appealing than other florals that opt to derive balance from either the crisp of citrus or fruit, or even roundness from a sweet undertone.

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I’ve found that the dry down on this fragrance isn’t all that much different from the original spritz. Perhaps a small loss on the crisp dewy greens gives way to a slightly more concentrated perfumed floral…but only slightly. I find that if i spray this first thing in the morning, I might need a single spritz come late afternoon but Brooks has really solved any re-application needs with it’s variety of size options for this fragrance. Personally, I opted for the 3.4 oz (in large part for the gorgeous bottle) when I first bought this (retails for $85 US). Funny thing is that I kept wishing I had a purse sized atomizer of the fragrance for when I wanted a pick-me-up in the afternoon (which to me speaks a lot to my love for the scent). For Christmas I therefore asked for the travel atomizer pack, which is possibly the best value: three 0.7 oz bottles (one of which comes pre-loaded) plus the twist-up atomizer for $55 US. If you’re a fan of this fragrance (as I clearly am), I recommend the latter…although the well matched classic packaging of the full size might hold too much of a draw.

Fresh garden florals would be my best 3-word descriptor for this. Simple enough for daytime, and soft and coy enough for an evening scent. A definite suggestion for any female looking to diversify their collection, or for anyone just looking for a basic preppy feminine scent.

Brooks Brothers New York perfume can be purchased at any Brooks Brothers or Brooks Brothers Outlet location, as well as by visiting their website!


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