Rant or Rave Thursday: Label.m, Colour Shampoo and Conditioner.

{Label.M Colour Stay Shampoo, from lookfantastic.com}

Now for the majority of the time I post on this blog, I have to say that it’s good recommendations or “rave” type products.  The thing is though, that I quite often times waste my money on products that have the premise of being fantastic and then just end up falling flat…kind of like my hair…when I used this shampoo.  Realistically it wasn’t the end of the world – my hair was just fine and my colour held up incredibly well – it was just missing that TLC, shampoo commercial type feel when it was freshly washed.

My hair type runs towards the coarse side (a byproduct of it having a lot of texture and there just being a lot of it) and possesses that “California Beach Wave” texture that people have tried to fruitlessly bottle and attempt to achieve.  Both of these things are great…if you live on the coast or have a personal style that lends itself well to this fact.  I, on the other hand, have a rather clean-cut preppy style and prefer for my hair to be a little more managed and tamed.  The resulting fact is that I need my hair to maintain a certain level of moisture and softness throughout my styling routine.

Before I dive into the out and out review of this, let me give a brief overview of what the product promises to deliver, and a little background.  Fist off the salon I go to switched over to this range (Label.m) in the fall.  The brand is one of the sub-brands of Toni&Guy, and headed up by Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck (daughter of Toni Mascolo, the founder of Toni&Guy).  The brand functions on the concept of “The 4Cs”: Cleanse, Condition, Create, and Complete.  It’s a diverse range of products that are tailored to a variety of hair-types.  I decided to make the dive in the fall and switch out a number of my products (realistically I was ready for a product refresh) to the Label.m range.  I started out with the Colour Shampoo & Conditioner, the Curl Spray, and the Dry Shampoo.  The latter two products are ones I’ve become a huge fan of, but the first two…I’ll be taking a definite pass on.

Essentially, they just did nothing for my hair.  NOTHING.  Except for perhaps clean it, and pretend to moisturize it.  My hair lacked its usual bounce and fullness, and consistently fell into the realm of lifeless.  I was compensating with more frequent deep-conditioning treatments to combat the dryness, and the whole styling process just became more labour intensive.  Was this a problem, no…but considering I knew I could get better results using something else, I certainly wasn’t sold.

The trade-off…my colour has never been better preserved.  My rather intensive combination of multi-faceted highlights and lowlights ranging from deep maroon and chocolate brown to some auburn and medium brown tones looked really quite fantastic when I went back for my next haircut.  I was thoroughly impressed on this front.

I decided to be a trooper though the whole process though, finishing both 300mL bottles in their entirety (it took about 2.5 months of daily use…or thereabouts) before coming to a solid verdict: RANT.  I can’t bring myself to recommend these products for anyone who possesses any of the following or a combination of the following hair textures: thick, coarse, curly, or incrementally dry.  Personally, I think that this product would be great for people who have colour-treated hair that runs in the “normal” category…average weight, average amount, average texture, etc.  It’s an excellent product for retaining colour.

Here’s the interesting conclusion though, I wasn’t swayed off of the product line.  I marched back into the salon after the approximate 2.5 months, and talked through the whole thing with my stylist (who’s beyond brilliant…) and ended up with a new shampoo and conditioner combination: the Lemongrass line.  Excellent product for my hair type, and oddly enough has ended up being a bit of a rave in my books.

So the overall verdict is…

RANT for the specific colour treatment line.

…and a normal level rave for the remainder of the Label.m line.

The key is to find the right products for your hair type, as with any line, and I wouldn’t dissuade you from trying out Label.m if you’re in the position to give it a shot.  Maybe not worth hunting down though.



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5 responses to “Rant or Rave Thursday: Label.m, Colour Shampoo and Conditioner.

  1. My stylist recommended this product to me today, so I picked some up. I haven’t used it yet, but I noticed you said “it took about 2.5 months of daily use…or thereabouts.” I had 3 or 4 of the stylists tell me to absolutely NOT use it every day. They told me 2 to 3 times a week at most.

    So I guess with your review, plus what they said, I will be sure to use this product sparingly. Hopefully I can find a balance that has a similar colour result to yours, without weighing my hair down too much!

  2. So…by daily use, I meant more in the “every time I wash my hair” category…which would have worked out to be every other day or so. I unfortunately didn’t get that same “use sparingly…maybe every other time you wash your hair” advice. Like I said, the product was excellent for colour maintenance though…hope it’s working out better for you than it did for me.

    I’ve recently been trying out the Pureology colour line and have to say that it’s much better for my hair type. Not weighing my hair down at all. So if Label.m doesn’t end up working out for you, Pureology might be a line to try out!

  3. Emma Gill

    I have thin-medium hair, that is relatively straight & very shiny, soft and healthy, just using Garnier Shampoo and Panteen Conditioner.
    Just got the Label.M color stay shampoo & conditioner today as a gift.
    Think this’ll work better for my hair?
    p.s.It’s colored.

  4. Elysa Costante

    This was by far the worst shampoo & conditioner I have ever used. It did absolutely NOTHING for me. It made my hair dryer, & never made my hair smelling fresh.
    For a salon hair product, I was very disappointed.

    • If you’ve had troubles with this shampoo, I’d recommend trying Pureology for a salon colour shampoo. I’ve had similar colour-staying-power results with it, without some of the drawbacks that I had with label.m.

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