Tunes Tuesday: Library Voices.

The sound of Library Voices on their Summer Lust album is like a modern Beach Boys or the Beatles, spun with Rooney and Nada Surf, with a great almost electronic undertone.  Kind of like if Matthew Gray Gubler’s art turned into music…maybe…  This to me is the definition of my music taste as of late.  The kind of sound that you’d hear coming out of speakers of a really cool vintage convertible driving down Pacific Coast Highway.

{Album Art, Image from}

The kicker?  They’re not British or Californian…they’re from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  They’re a cool blend of a variety of instruments that started out as a 10-piece band  of musician friends that is now composed of 8 members.  Their sound is unique, and not in a “you have to develop a taste for it” kind of way, but in the way that makes you want to listen because you want to figure out what’s making the sounds and how intriguing the lyrics are.

Favourite songs on this album?  (Aside from the Intro and Outro…which just bookend this album in such a cool way)

If Raymond Carver Were Born in the 90s – I’m just waking up, my mouth tastes like rust / I think I’m still drunk, and my head is a drum is a snare drum / A breeze pass the window, has got the curtains all dancing like ghosts / Sift through a telephone of texts, construct a composite sketch of last night’s events… [but my favourite line in the whole song?]…Me, I’m still writing songs I’m scared you’ll hear some day

Generation Handclap – Gonna love you like a cherub, gonna leave you like a lapdance / Oh you want to save it, oh you want to save the world / You keep pouring out your heart but all I ever hear is oh, oh, oh, oooh! / O Generation Handclap!

The Prime Minister’s Daughter – [how fittingly Canadian…] Rachel, Rachel, Rachel wake up, it’s a beautiful day upon the hill / House of Commons rise and shine, your father stops and poses for a camera man / Shakes your little brother’s hand, on the first day of class / Our future in a nutshell, our future in a perfect breath / … / All of it is making cuts

Anthem for a New Canadia – I rub my tired eyes, I guess that this what it means to be alive / We write letters to home, and then sail off the phone / Leave a message for a friend saying baby how ya been? / … / Baby, baby, baby how ya been?

Library Voices is currently on tour in Canada and the US, and tour dates are available on their website  Their website, which I’d like to point is also incredibly cool and full of sepia-tone photos.  Their music videos are also available in the Media section.  Essentially they somehow manage to exude a nerdy perfect cool that makes you want to get up and dance in a silly manner with your friends and just smile.  The album is available on iTunes, and it’s a definite recommend from this junkie.

Well, there you have it…a short commentary on how this album is just wicked cool...or at least, something like that.  This has been a Tunes Tuesday, as written by Kate. {listen to the album outro, then you’ll get the reference}


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