Pretty Things Thursday: Leviticus Jewelry.


My jewelry box contains primarily two categories of pieces: classic Tiffany’s and the like, and really individual unique items.  I love all of my pieces to have a story or be intriguing…which is perhaps why I’m so drawn to the pieces at Leviticus Jewelry.  I was first introduced to the line through DailyCandy (what else would you expect my homepage to be?), and I consistently find myself returning to the bookmarked page to peruse the ever increasing number of quirky pieces.

{Antique Scuba Helmet Necklace, from Leviticus Jewelry}

The company is the brainchild of Tara Levitin, where words like dark and dramatic are used on the About page to describe the designs.  It’s a little bit avid collector, a dash steampunk, and completely cool.  While looking through the site, I saw everything from miniature telephone boxes, to antique scuba helmets.  The items seem to call towards their viewers, and while I highly doubt any two people will pick quite the same mix of pieces, I can say with some degree of confidence that everyone will find at least one that quietly whispers their name while scrolling through the site.

{Annie Oakley Necklace, from Leviticus Jewelry}

Leviticus Jewelry is where I’d immediately start looking for any collector of interesting jewelry, or for a friend who invokes adjectives like whimsy and original, or who’s style drums up ideas like noteworthy and distinctive.  These are the pieces that take a plain white t-shirt to a higher level, or that break-up (in my case) a rather traditional preppy outfit and make it modern and my own.  Considering this particular one to the left is one of my favourites (…and it’s a bullet with an emerald crystal), believe me you could end up being surprised with what catches your eye given your personal style.

{Have a Seat Neacklace, from Leviticus Jewelry}

The three pieces in this post are definitely going on my Christmas list, although they are relatively reasonably priced so who knows…perhaps they’ll end up in my collection as a result of a post-exams or post-holidays retail therapy session.  Prices range between $19 US to $208 US, but in all honesty, most of the pieces that I found caught my eye were necklaces in the $30-58 US range.  Shipping is available internationally…so wherever you are, Leviticus Jewelry can be as well!

Here’s to hoping that this things made your Thursday a little prettier and even may assist in providing inspiration to start your holiday shopping early.  All of the pictures of the pieces are linked to the appropriate pages…just in case you feel so inclined to indulge or window shop you’ll find yourself in the right place, right away.

On a warm, but unrelated sidenote…welcome to all of those of you who stumbled upon this little space on the interwebs courtesy Becki @!  Hope you enjoy it.


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