Kind of coveting a boxer…

No, not the athlete.  And no, not the dog.  And well truly, just the handbag.  Is that really any surprise?

The Boxer is a bag, a rather lovely classic bag, from Reed Krakoff.

{Reed Krakoff Boxer, from}

As I’m sure many of you are already aware of his namesake line, may I take a minute and drag you down memory lane for a minute before I start my impending monologue regarding the Boxer.  A trip down said lane to a time when Mr. Krakoff was a name known to Coach addicts.  Considering I started with my first quasi-designer handbag from Coach when I was 16, it proves perfectly appropriate that I am now consistently intrigued with this line.  Already the proud owner of a black RK Cadet bag, it won out narrowly over a Boxer bag, and shockingly, in leaps and bounds above a maroon PS1 when the debate came down to it in the middle of Union Square in San Francisco.

{Reed Krakoff Boxer, from}

The thing is though, now, I keep finding myself drawn towards his iconic Boxer bag.  The particular object of my affections is the grey felt and brown leather variety, as already seen…although Emily from and her styling have made an excellent case for the black and grey variety.  I’ve noticed the felt/wool and leather mix appearing in a number of places, including recently at Cole Haan, and for quite some time at John and Mary Bags (…which I’m still a little jealous hangs on the arm of a very fashionable friend of mine).  It just seems like a great combination particularly for fall/winter, but perhaps for a very chic and stylish moment in the spring/summer as well.  Given the possible season limitations though, the following option does also seem like a likely selection should I ever cave and purchase as opposed to simply covet (perhaps a little mixed grey with a subtle metallic?).

Hm…decisions, decisions…and realistically just window shopping and dream decisions.  Your input/thoughts/opinions are always welcome of course.

Should you decide to indulge, you can find Reed Krakoff bags at Saks (both on and offline), at the Reed Krakoff website, as well as via Net-a-Porter…and I’m sure a variety of on and offline places that I’ve neglected to mention.

Apologies in advance to anyone who now has a new or renewed obsession with the bag.  Join the club.


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