Must Have Monday: British Racing Green, butterLondon.

A couple of years ago I purchased the crowning glory of my handbag collection, a deep forest racing green YSL Muse (or as she’s referred to amongst friends…just “Yves”).  As was documented on this blog, my decision on that particular bit of handbag heaven was indeed driven in small part due to my love for this particular shade of green.  The bag is lovely, but it’s not perhaps the most practical way to inject a bit of that particular shade of vert into my daily life.  Solution? Nail polish apparently.

{British Racing Green, butterLondon}

While I’ve seen my fair share of green polishes, there’s always something either just a little too sallow (read: yellow), a little too muddy (read: camouflage green…though it has its place), or a little too jolly holiday (read: christmas trees) for my particular skin tone, or general taste for that matter.  As a good friend of mine mentioned when it comes to green polish, there’s always that potential of looking witchy in fact.  On my recent dive into butterLondon polishes as of late however, I have come across “British Racing Green” (BRG).  It’s like the goldilocks of green polishes, just the right mix of everything, and one that I have in fact found myself reaching for more than once recently.  In my humble and personal opinion, it’s pretty much a dead ringer for the Muse’s unique shade which has equated to near perfection.

A brief note on the formulation: butterLondon is some of the longer-wearing that I have in my small collection.  BRG is opaque in one carefully applied coat, though it deepens and provides a more rich and velvety tone with two.  The polishes are of average thickness and BRG is no exception for a smooth application.  Topped with my favourite Sally Hansen top coat, I got about 5-ish days of wear out of the polish before I experienced re-application level chipping.  I’m fairly rough on my nails though (lots of typing and dishes), so it would probably last closer to a week on the average person.

Oddly or interestingly enough, it’s actually one of those polishes that I’ve received an abnormal number of compliments on.  It seems to appeal to everyone from the nail traditionalists, to those who like to push the envelope.  I’ll probably have to quietly guard my own bottle with a watchful eye in case it decides to grow legs and waltz into another friend’s collection without my noticing.

For those of you who are intrigued, or are inclined to add a gorgeous green to your collection, it’s a definite recommend.  Just give it a try…I promise you’ll love it.  Butter London polishes can be found at a variety of retailers, and online at their website: (just switch to .ca for those of north of the 49th)  For my fellow Canadians, get thineself over to Holts or (as I discovered over my winter break) more recently at select Hudson’s Bay Company stores.  It retails for approximately $17 Canadian…and is worth every penny.


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