Tunes Tuesday: An Early Spring Playlist.

My musical taste is ever changing and so hard to pin down.  Where I can define other bits of myself into neat categories (eg. style = preppy), there is no such general category for what fills up my iTunes.  When a friend shared a link to a “great vintage sounding summer vibes” playlist, it got me to thinking about what’s been filling up my iTunes queue at this time of the year.  The common thread between the artists that have most recently been in my queue is that they all sound like something out of a great movie soundtrack where people spend a lot of time taking long contemplative (yet optimistic) walks through a park on a bright spring afternoons.

What on earth does that sound like in musical form…something along the lines of this…

5 for the March Playlist
  1. Mia Sable, Light – found courtesy of the Kate Spade Battle of the Bands a few months ago, her music is modern twist on the sounds I’d envision filling up old hollywood crooners clubs.  Swingy, with a touch of jazz and smokey vocals yet with a mellow contemporary pop influence.
  2. Andrew Allen, The Living Room Sessions – the name of the album says it all.  These are the sounds I envision coming out of a really great afternoon jam session with a bunch of great musicians.  Based in guitar and some easy drums, Andrew’s voice settles in on top in a very appealing and casual manner.
  3. Andy Grammer, Andy Grammer – this is the soundtrack of my frequent walks through the city.  A great upbeat yet chill beat, that makes you want to half dance / half walk down the streets lip syncing as though you’re in a unique music video.
  4. Ingrid Michaelson, Human Again – great background music with fantastic instrumental backing, Ingrid’s voice is the kind that almost sounds like an additional instrument in the band.  Her music really defines beautiful for me, in an indie contemporary category kind of way.
  5. James Morrison, The Awakening – his voice is like a great gruff whisper with a bit of a smirk.  Lazy summer afternoon beats with a nice blend of mid-song crescendos, there’s an almost fantastical dream sequence nature to the sound.

Just a few of my favourite artists that are helping me ease my way into the Spring and Summer sounds sphere. Hopefully they’ll make their way onto your playlists, and if not then perhaps they’ll just remind to notice the similar favourites in your own music library.  And if you’ve got some favourites…don’t forget to share with the class in the comments!

Happy listening.



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3 responses to “Tunes Tuesday: An Early Spring Playlist.

  1. I would add “The Lion’s Roar” by First Aid Kit and the new album of Michael Kiwanuka. Cheers!

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