Must Have Monday: Kate Spade Watches.

Back to back posts…but I’m sorry, I just couldn’t quell my excitement any longer!

That’s it…Kate Spade can now take over every level of my accessorization on a daily basis.  All that was missing was something by which to count the minutes in the day, and now that’s a definite possibility.  When the announcement rolled through my email last Thursday morning…I nearly squealed with delight right in the middle of my Policy Process class.  I’d seen bits and pieces of the collection online through Nordstrom before it showed up on the Kate Spade website, which just built the anticipation to see the full line-up.

There are a number of different styles, which means that there’s something for everyone.  While there are some styles that I just don’t find aesthetically pleasing (eg. the Cooper Bracelet, or either of the Parsons), I really do have to admit that I’m really sincerely impressed by the collection of them as an entirety.

{Kate Spade Carousel Bangle Watches, Photos from}

The brightly coloured Carousel bangles are great because they are hinged (which believe me, is a serious bonus in my world), and I’m already planning on stacking one with some fantastic simple bracelets.  Like their non-timekeeping counterparts, they also contain brief quotations (or little words of wonder as I like to refer to them) on the inside that are cute nods to the colour they bear.  “Tickled Pink” and “Calm Before the Storm” are definitely my favourites.

{Kate Spade Watches in Gramercy and Seaport Styles, Photos from}

The bracelet watches on a whole are really quite interesting.  With their distinctive links and what appears to be slightly brushed metals, they’re a cleaner less flashy style than many of the heavy bracelet watches on the market.  A little more ladylike…which is exactly what one would expect from Kate Spade.  Even in their oversized versions, the Gramercy Grand and the Seaport Grand, they still maintain a nice level of preppy sophistication.

{Kate Spade Metro and Cooper Leather Strap Watches, Photos from}

And of course the classic thin leather bands with clean simple faces.  Either in bright colours, or the occasional patterned face (Japanese florals or golden polka dots anyone?) – these are simple step up from your average time-telling piece.  Which leads me to a brief commentary on the little details that are fun on these watches: pink second hands, and little spade’s to mark the 12.

My favourites are displayed throughout this post, and let’s just say that I’ve already alerted a dear friend of mine that a Kate Spade watch will need to be our next “matching purchase”.

While I assume that my fellow Canadians will eventually be able to find these at Holts, everyone can find a little bit of time over on the or at where prices range from $195-$295 US.



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4 responses to “Must Have Monday: Kate Spade Watches.

  1. Oh, that aqua strap is my absolute favorite…LOVE!

    • That’s definitely a colour that caught my eye as well! If I end up getting one of the leather straps, that’s high on my list. I’m still kind of partial to one of those bright bangles though…

  2. Oh gosh, I had not seen all of these, they are *wonderful*, must have aqua leather strap!

    Sending you a smile,

    • The full lineup is definitely something to be seen and browsed through. I can’t wait to see them in person! The aqua strap seems to be a real favourite…it would certainly pair well with pink. While I’m partial to the bangles, I might end up being swayed!

      Smiles back your way as well.

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