Five Points Friday: The Tao of Talbots.

The number one most frustrating thing that my friends hear me say when they’re commenting on something I’m wearing: “Guess where I got it.  Talbots.”  More than one of my friends has thrown their hands up to towards the sky and said something along the lines of “You have got to be kidding me!”  After a few times of this occurring, followed by a brief stage of frustration the question always becomes: “Okay, one of these days you’re going to have to explain to me how you do it.  How do you actually find things like that at Talbots?”

So here’s a few pointers so that this conversation can go from “I don’t know how she does it.” to “Ah…so that’s the secret.”

{Trellis Lace Pencil SkirtSeersucker BlazerRed Striped Blazer, …a compendium of blazer collars…,  Floral Faille SkirtPiper Coloured Denim}

  1. Focus on foundations. These foundations being pants, blazers, skirts, the occasional printed dress.  The store is not my solution for basics (eg. T-shirts, jeans, oxford shirts), but instead things that are borderline bold or that really ground an outfit (eg. green cable cardigans, maroon cord blazers, cherry red denim).
  2. When nowhere else fits, stomp a path to Talbots.  Given that they range from Petite to Regular to Woman in sizing, and that they have a variety of fits of pants, skirts, and jackets, the odds are often in your favour to find something that fits here.  My favourite fits right now (and I really do love the cute style names) are the Audrey pants and the Kate blazers.
  3. Think bold printed skirts.  These are my essential and my staple from Talbots.  Every Spring/Summer I always go through the racks to see what they’ve got in stock.  What’s lovely is that the skirts are (more often than not) lined, and well-made.  Their fabrics are not cheap and chintzy, and they retain their shape and hang year after year – just update the styling.
  4. Right…styling…this is a big one.  I would highly advise against attempting to build an entire wardrobe from here.  A mismatched totally Talbots ensemble can definitely have the distinct opportunity to look frumpy.  The key is to pick a classic (or bold…most of my coloured pants and denim are from here) single piece and mix it with more current pieces.  (hem, hem…take a look at the commentary at the end of this post or head over here)
  5. Keep in mind the general aesthetic that the store has.  These are preppy or classic basics, with fun feminine trends running amok.  This is the place with the history of pearls and pastels.  If you’re looking for flowy maxi dresses…probably not.  Bright pink ankle-length chinos, or a kelly green blazer?  Sold – to the girl of great style and an open-mind.

And a bonus note: get over yourself and just go in the damn store.  Just look.  You are not always going to have perfect luck here – even I sometimes leave the store empty handed, or damn-near hurling over certain styles/prints – but it’s worth glancing through the racks and adding to your arsenal.  A great trick as well is to get on their email list, this store has sales galore – meaning very rarely do I buy anything at full price.

Hopefully I’ve done the trick of beginning to de-mystify the basics of how to navigate these waters, and I do wish you the best of luck on your next shopping excursion.  Who knows…perhaps one day you to will begin to get the “You got that where!?” line…and silently chuckle to yourself  that you were once in the same boat.

…and just in case you’d like to hear a little more…

To see how I unexpectedly (or expectedly) worked a terribly modern and current piece of Talbots (bright red-orange cropped jeans) into an outfit head on over to…drumroll please…Shopping’s My Cardio.  That’s the announcement I was alluding to earlier in my “Miss Me Much?” post.  I’ll be writing a weekly column over on SMC called “All in the Details” – so be sure to check over there for my byline.

(And of course a sincere salutations to those of you who’ve ended up at AnonymousChic from Becki’s blog!)


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  1. It’s blogging kismet…I’m wearing Talbots pants this very moment! I find some tailoring is usually in order to make their clothes fit me just so, but if you nab things on sale, it’s well worth the effort!

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