Monday Musings: Outfit re-works and irrational fears.

I have a confession to make.  The text that accompanies the following graphic is absolutely a reflection of how I feel nearly every time I get dressed.  As a small disclaimer, I’m abundantly aware of how frivilous this all sounds…but let’s just chalk it up to being relatively fashion conscious and #firstworldproblems.  I’m also going to blame my mild obsession with Pinterest (@anonymouschic) as the reason why this issue has suddenly been clarified in my conscious.

{ via Pinterest}

It’s kind of a sinking feeling, when you’ve come up with a brilliant outfit and just the right accessories…when you’re hair and makeup go just right…and then you realize that the outfit that you have just put together is going to be used up on a really average day (and you’re lucky if you realize this before you leave the house in the morning).  Sure it’s going to make you feel fabulous, and there’s a very high probability that you’ll end up holding your head a little higher because  you know how stellar you look.  The thing is that as soon as it all falls together, I always manage to realize that there’s another day that week when I realize I’m going to require an above average ensemble, and that seems to deflate my mood ever so slightly.

Clearly, I’ve thus developed a strategy on what to do.  Never fear…five steps for outfit repurposing follow.  Keep in mind that if this does happen to you, you’ll probably need a few minutes to accomplish the switch so either learn how to run in heels, plan for a little extra time, or start coming up with a really good excuse for why you’re late.

Item #1take note of how you’ve put together what you’ve already got on.  Also, before you continue, I recommend a momentary hesitation and mental pro-con list of using your existing outfit on that particular day.  If you do come to the distinct conclusion that Friday is a better day to don said outfit than Monday…then proceed.  Otherwise smile, and leave the house knowing how excellent you look.

Item #2identify one thing about your outfit that you absolutely love.  Maybe it’s your lip colour, or a t-shirt, or your favourite blazer and jeans…and keep that one thing on.  This way your preserving the essential note of what’s making you feel particularly confident about the outfit.

Item #3rework another outfit surrounding that one item.  This is what you are going to wear today.  And I mean taking a look first at the bare bones of the outfit: top, bottom, shoes.  Substitute in alternate basics for these.  Perhaps it’s navy/black/grey pants as opposed to a pair of jeans.  Maybe a blazer as opposed to a boyfriend cardigan. Perhaps a dark t-shirt as opposed to the white one you were wearing.

Item #4re-accesorize.  Swap out the jacket, add a scarf.  Add a bright lip colour, a quick winged liner or smokey eye.  Maybe it’s a pair of chandelier earrings as opposed to studs and a necklace, or even a great statement necklace that you haven’t rocked in a while.  Consider curling your hair quickly or maybe throwing it up in a ponytail or chic chignon.  Think through these “detail” pieces, and be creative.  I’ve often found that swapping black flats and a black bag for brown options can completely change the feel of an outfit with little effort.

Item #5stop, take a deep breath, and do a little twirl in front of a full length mirror.  Put a smile on your face and notice that one key piece that’s still there to remind you of the brilliant outfit to come later in the week (or early in the next for that matter).

Now I must absolutely give a word of warning.  There is a significant possibility that after all of this you will realize that you’ve created another brilliant outfit…and it’s now the thing that you want to wear on said upcoming above average day.  Merely switch back into the original outfit and congratulate yourself for having the creativity to be stylishly brilliant twice in one morning.

This is usually the point at which I really hope that really comfortable shoes were a component part of both outfits…as I’m now running about 15 minutes behind schedule and need to sprint to get to wherever I’m going.

So now I wish you all good luck in your morning outfit endeavours!  Let me know if there are any go-tos that you have for when this kind of stress plagues your morning…or if perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones and never have to deal with this!


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