Just One Thing: Metallic Penny Loafers.

Things that are ever well documented: my love of loafers and my long-standing appreciation for Cole Haan. Neither of these are problems, as in fact they work so harmoniously on such a regular basis that I see no problem.

Which is why I must direct your attention to just one thing.  Just one particular pair of loafers that I have no doubt will soon be finding their way quietly into serious frequency in my shoe rotation.  A pair of metallic penny loafers.  The Sloane EVA Loafer in pewter and dark teal to be precise.

{Sloane Eva Loafer, Cole Haan, $178}

Holy crow.  How have these not previously been something I’ve been hunting for?  A pewter toned metallic that transcends the need to pair it with gold or silver exclusively.  A classic shape with a lower stance imparting just the right balance between function and femininity.  And not to mention a bold dark teal sole also stands perfectly at the edge of being interesting, without tipping over the edge into distracting.

I could probably wax on and on about these for an undetermined period of time, but I’ll save you from keeling over with boredom.  So just do me a favour, JOT these down and take a peek next time you’re at a purveyor of Cole Haan.

Psst…if you’re missing me here on AnonymousChic, make sure you’re checking out my weekly appearances on ShoppingsMyCardio.  My inner accessories junkie is out in full force there with All in the Details.  The last three details?  A geometric statement from Zara, a scarf that goes a little tribal from Tory Burch, and a little turquoise and crystal from Anthropologie.



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