Essentials Sunday: Crisp weather coats.

Perhaps it’s due to the slightly overcast weather that we’ve been having in this neck of the woods, or because I have a serious soft spot for autumn…but either way, we are undoubtedly on our way into the seasons that require coats.  Now while there’s always a place for the seriously functional (I am absolutely alright with the increasing rotation of my North Face fleece and rain jacket when necessary), there’s always an option for a little flourish and fashion.

My favourite pick as soon as there’s even a touch of chill or dampness in the air is my Barbour Beadnell Waxed Jacket.  I picked mine up about a year and a half ago in London – I was dead-set on a little bit of classic British branding, and clearly went straight for the deep green with brown cord…and a little Liberty rose print lining naturally.  It’s weather friendly, but still undeniably functional.  My particular version is just there on the left (tragically it’s no longer available), but J.Crew has also picked up this delightful pairing and a navy and miniature rose garden print is available on their site.

{ Barbour/Liberty Beadnell Wax Coat: Barbour By Mail, £230 / J.Crew, $399 }

Next up is clearly a good trench.  Classic khaki or black are always options, but again – since outerwear can be so bland – I’d advocate for a little trimming or extra detail.  A couple of my favourite bloggers – Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere, and Becki of Shopping’s My Cardio – have both featured their own excellent trench finds in the past (seen here and here, respectively), so I know that at the very least Burberry is making some excellent options.  If I were to go looking today, these are three that I would gravitate towards that are perhaps a little more pocketbook friendly, but still capture that idea of classic shape / non-classic detailing.

{ 1 Madison Faux Leather Sleeves, $228 / Sam Edelman Belted Trench, $178 / Gallery Satin Trim, $148 }

And now for the ones that just don’t fit a category, beyond staying true to what I’d argue are my core tenets when I’m looking for a good crisp weather coat: capacity to accommodate layers, a dash of detail, and the promise of a structured fit. 

{ Annabelle Tweed Coat, Tory Burch, $595 / Lady Day Coat, J.Crew, $325 / Plush Twill Coat, Talbots, $269 / Three Quarter Sleeve Tweed, Ming Wang, $300 }

Or for a few that throw all of that rationale out of the window, because the slightly deconstructed mixed-media trend is just too damn cool?

{ 10 Crosby by Derek Lam, $795 / Vince Shirt-Tail, $725 / Rachel Roy Tweed & Faux Leather, $498 }

Whatever the case, my coats are going back in rotation.  Well…my coats plus a healthy contingent of blazer layered over sweaters with a scarf…because sometimes it’s just not that cold.

What are your favourite coats right now, or your go-to that you’re excited to pull out of your closet and back into rotation?  Be sure to share with the class in the comments!



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2 responses to “Essentials Sunday: Crisp weather coats.

  1. I’m so excited to be able to pull out my light brown Italian leather jacket…I get so few days in the year between 12 and 18 degrees that it’s appropriate to wear it, so I wear it every chance I get!

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