All in the Details.

All the links you need to see my column over on Shopping’s My Cardio!  All in the Details (…or AITD as we like to refer to it) is your weekly dose of styling inspired by the details.  From shoes to scarves, and of course handbags and jewellery – these are the things that make my world go round.

November 1 – Mixed Media Clutch

Despite my best efforts to maintain a healthy injection of colour, occasionally I quietly nestle back into neutrals, particularly when it’s overcast outside. This week I was inspired by the grey sky outside my window and this oversized clutch from Rachel Roy. Given its size and the presence of multi-function pockets, it’s the clutch’s answer to the small cross body bag. The mix of the midnight dusky blue, two-toned grey, and the subtle stripe of dull mint green is quiet enough not be overbearing but just graphic enough to not get lost in an outfit, setting the parameters as simple, easy, and refined.

October 25 – An Embroidered Fall Scarf

In an effort to combat the dusky grey chill of fall, I like to make sure that there’s a solid measure of colour in my wardrobe. I’m not advocating for the classic “pop” of colour, but instead a whole ensemble that tries to incorporate it wherever possible. Starting with a multi-tonal embroidered scarf that brings in muted tones from blue to purple, with strains of olive greens and mustard yellows, and set off by poppy reds and oranges, can lead to a world of endless possibility.

October 18th – The Nautical Tote

Around this time of year, I start demanding something a little different from my handbags. Sure, my day-to-day work-appropriate classics still reign Monday to Friday, but I’m now looking for something that longs for casual kick-around weekends and that can stand up to the structured jackets and tendency towards layers that my wardrobe takes on. I look for duffel or hobo bags whose focus isn’t necessarily structure, and whose colour isn’t limited to black. When I came across the Sea Duffel from AANDD I immediately stopped: deep wine colour, playful rope accents, and just enough shape to keep from looking disheveled.

October 12th – Modern Multi-Strand Pearls

As a persistent fan of the statement necklace, but also as one who may often find it hard to stray from traditional favourites, I’m always on the lookout for options that balance the two. This multi-strand pewter pearl necklace from Hazel & Marie is an excellent way to capitalize on the classic chicness of pearls, and yet truly embrace the ever-so-popular statement necklace. One part unique with the colour of the pearls (something to play well with fall and winter tones), one part classic (as pearls always are), and of course one part bold.

October 4th – Kate Spade Cassy Tassel Loafers

While last week was all about industrial chic, this week is about a way to tackle autumn in a ladylike way. Loafers are a dime a dozen in the fall, but there’s something about a bright patent purple paired with tassels that gives a lovely feminine touch to the trend. Purple is an excellent alternative to the deep wine reds that we’ve been seeing everywhere, and yet doesn’t compete with a classic fall palette.

September 27th – Kelly Wearstler Perforated Quartz Ring

I’ve still got Fashion Week brewing in the back of my head, and while the runways may have been looking forward to spring, September + Fashion Week always equates chic fall ensembles of grey and black in my mind. Because it’s all happening in New York, I’ll add a dose of “polished edge” – which is precisely what I thought when I saw this ring by Kelly Wearstler. There’s something industrial about the gunmetal setting, but light and crisp about the clear quartz.

September 13th – Brahmin Bryn Clutch

There are few things more versatile than a mid-sized handbag; however, there are often times few things more boring than a mid-sized handbag. This is why I’m always on the lookout for options to keep what I cart around in check but still maintain some visual interest. With a crocodile print and a navy blue colour, this bag from Brahmin is reminiscent of the shape of others that I swoon over (a little Celine or Hermes per chance?), and a great size for day, but is a much more reasonable purchase that builds on that “transition” mindset that we’re all still thinking of.

August 30th – Shimmering Sailor Knots

Transition, transition, transition. Every blog, every magazine, everyone discussing fashion for this upcoming season is mentioning transition pieces (…myself included). While the natural thought pattern for transitional accessories normally just turns to the addition of hats and scarves, or swapping neon for deep jewel tones, there’s always the option of allowing the dazzle and sparkle to play double duty as well.

August 23rd – RockLove Threadbare Bracelet

Occasionally I come across a detail that strikes me as the kind of piece that would work no matter your style. The Threadbare bracelet from RockLove is an example of that, from preppy (nautical knots and primary colours) to the indie chic rockers (refined leather and hardware), and with all the colours available, odds are there’s a version for you.

August 16th – IIIBeca Black Satchel

For a girl who has a lot of handbags, it’s a wonder how they don’t show up on the column more often! With fall on the horizon (I’m sorry to all those who are still basking in summer’s glow, but my brain is in full leaf-changing colour mode), thoughts inevitably turn into that “back-to-school” mindset…regardless of your age or association with academics. As per usual, classic polished collegiate lines quietly find their way into fall’s inspiration, particularly with ladylike satchels. Always in the market for that great black bag, new to the scene IIIBeCa’s North Moore Satchel is right on target.

August 9th – Joie Day Dreaming Flats

Smoking slippers are all the rage for autumn. While they’ve always had a place in the preppy summer wardrobe, the style is certainly going mainstream for late summer and really gearing up for the cooler months. I’ve seen a lot of suede and velvet offerings and my fair share of animal printed ponyhair in trying to determine the right fit for my wardrobe, but the ones that I feel absolutely obliged to share with you are these excellent red/black patterned ones from Joie.

August 2nd – Alexis Bittar Wafer Earrings

Understated, but striking if you take a second look. Occasionally this is how I think accessories should best be described. It’s a conclusion that I came to when I was recently chatting about the addition of a couple of Alexis Bittar pieces to my own collection. These  white and gold wafer earrings from Alexis Bittar caught my eye, and certainly fit the bill when it comes to being characterized as light and chic.

July 26th – Margaret Elizabeth Cocktail Ring

Thus far the details have ranged from handbags to shoes, necklaces to earrings and bracelets…but where are the rings! Clearly we’re due for something with a touch of sparkle to don on our digits. Rough cut stones are always great, as they look equally lovely with a button down and sleek pencil skirt, as they do with a flirty summer dress. This particular choice from Margaret Elizabeth features a stack of seafoam chalcedony, green onyx, and clear quartz stones set in gold.

July 19th – Kate Spade Kalla Heels

I’m always partial to a little colour in my world, so thank goodness for colour blocking and summer trends always being in tune with that sentiment.  It looks like the trend is going to be making a subtle transition into fall as well, so even more reason to find a way to work it into one’s wardrobe.  These heels (a new pre-fall release from Kate Spade) definitely follow suit, and provide an excellent source of outfit inspiration.

July 12th – Zara Geometric Statement

Bold necklaces are one of the easiest ways to transform an outfit, and a great way to add saturated pops of colour.  If you can find a reasonably priced trendy necklace, it makes appearing pulled together and completely contemporary an absolute breeze.  Geometry, a touch of tribal, and concentrated pastels all come together in this particular necklace from Zara.

June 28th – Tory Burch Tribal Scarf

Lightly woven scarves are my summer transition piece and perpetual security blanket. As a cool evening breeze blows in, or for the odd overcast day, the last thing I want to be doing is sacrificing the bright bold hues of summer just on account of the weather! While light and bold options are a dime a dozen this year, one of my favourite finds is without a doubt this particular option from Tory Burch.

June 21st – Turquoise Curve Earrings

Summer always brings about a season of excellent accessories, and amongst them always manages to emerge a plethora of dangling earrings. Perhaps it’s because they’re an excellent balance to an otherwise simple wardrobe of solid coloured t-shirts and shorts, or maybe an inclination to avoid heavy arms of bracelets and statement necklaces, to accent ponytails or messy top-knots. Whatever the case, from eye-catching chandeliers to tribal inspired stunners, fun shapes and colours always seem to be hanging from fish-hook posts through the lobes of my ears.

June 14th – Roots Leather Colour-Block Tote

It seems as though every summer I end up on a hunt for the perfect weekend tote. You know, that bright catch-all that seamlessly transitions between being a great bag to drag heels back and forth to work in, but that feels equally at home when browsing through farmers’ markets on the weekend. Canvas, nylon, or even burlap versions are completely acceptable – but this year I’m leaning more toward something in the light to mid-weight leather category. One of my go-to’s when I’m in the market for reasonably priced and perpetually sturdy leather is always Roots, a Canadian brand that’s recently gone international. The particular tote that I’m more than a little partial to is the French Tote in Prince leather with the lovely combination of a great saddle brown and a bright sunshine yellow.

June 6th – Henri Bendel Signature Bangle

In a summer full of stacked bracelets, rocking a wrist full of bling has become common practice. It’s a trend that I’m glad has become all the rage – as someone who’s been stacking bracelets since her mid-teens, the vast selection that’s now readily available adds a little extra glee to my shopping excursions. Which is why I was surprised to be drawn to this classic enamel bangle from Henri Bendel – it makes such a statement, the rest of the arm party is almost unnecessary!


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