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Essentials Saturday: What’s in my makeup bag.

It’s a phenomenon known only really to the female half of the species…the innate compulsion to want to know what’s in someone’s purse or makeup bag.  As though it’s some window into the psyche of your fellow females, as though their life can be distilled down into the material objects that they carry with them on a regular basis.  I’m sure there are infinite sociological and psychological explanations and implications for this phenomenon…but realistically I’m usually just a little bit snoopy, and blatantly curious.  So when a friend of mine asked to take a look through the makeup bag that I lug around with me in the various incarnations of my daily handbag, I was less than hesitant to oblige…I actually found it to be an interesting exercise.

Just in case you’re interested, here’s the run down (and the corresponding rationale) of what’s in my makeup bag.

#1 – The fresh sugar tinted lip balm lineup
:  Yes guys & dolls, the whole lineup of the tints (there’s only four, calm down).  These absolutely substitute as lipstick for me on a regular basis and are ideal for treatment and moisture while delivering the perfect wash of colour at the same time.  A bit of an indulgence, but one that I have made countless times. (Sephora, $22.50 each)

#2 – Chanel Matte Luminous Powder Makeup & Retractable Blush Brush from Sephora: In a shade that’s just dark enough to be “corrective” as opposed to “translucent”, this powder is what’s been sitting in my makeup bag for a fair amount of time.  It’s particularly helpful for touchups, and can even be used with a damp touch as an impromptu concealer.  The brush is great because you can keep the bristles contained so that you don’t have anything getting on the brush…and you don’t have powder flying all over your bag.  (Powder from Holt Renfrew, $63, Brush from Sephora, $22)

#3 – Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer: Re-application of a full face of makeup is usually not in the cards mid-afternoon, but on the days when my skin in misbehaving I’m always glad that this little compact is in my bag. Considering it’s a fairly dry concealer it often doesn’t require setting with a powder, so it’s a quick step. (Sephora, $28)

#4 – Cream Blusher:  As a fairly pale person, blush is one of those things that I have a distinct tendency to touch-up on a regular basis.  The need to look the opposite of drained and lifeless is quickly corrected by a swipe of blusher on the cheeks.  Cream to powder finishes are usually my go-to, but whatever floats your boat.  My favourites are from Merle Norman and Bobbi Brown. (Bobbi Brown at Sephora, $24)

#5 – Miniature Mascara & Eyelash Curlers:  Really it’s whatever sample size I’ve recently acquired, or something that caught my eye in line at Sephora.  Often times a quick curl and a swipe of mascara can really do the trick in terms of opening up your eyes and making you look more awake.  Since eye contact is such a large part of how we communicate, might as well keep them looking fresh and lovely.  (Diorshow Best in Show Duo at Sephora, $20)

#6 – Bobby Pins & a J.Crew Hairclip:  Ponytails and I only recently started getting along, so throwing my hair up in a bun has always been a go-to solution (remnants of the large number of hours I spent in a ballet class when I was younger I suppose).  The claw clips from J.Crew are also indestructible and the tortoise shell colouring helps it to hide in my har.  Self-explanatory lifesavers really I suppose. (J.Crew Clip, $14)

#7 – Hand Sanitizer:  The world is not the cleanest of places.  Occasionally my inner germaphobe kicks in and this is necessary for those times when washing one’s hands is just not an option. (Bath & Body Works Pocketbac, $1.50)

#8 – Tide-to-Go:  Many of us are clumsy, or have accident or spill-prone friends.  While absolutely not a substitution for washing and spot-treating, it can be helpful to have on hand.

#9 – Travalo:  Newest addition to my bag, and something that I’m still on the fence about but love the idea of too much to nix it completely.  Essentially a pocket perfume atomizer that’s incredibly simple to fill and reuse.  (Shoppers, $10)

So…what do you deem to be your essentials?  What makes the cut to be a part of your makeup bag?


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Essentials Saturday: No-Makeup…makeup.

I’ve ended up in Sephora, Holts, and Mac with a number of friends recently…giving quiet colour commentary (pun unintended, yet not edited out) as they browse through the offerings.  I read and absorb so much information about makeup, that odds are (often times) if it’s on a shelf and has had any buzz…I’ve probably read/watched reviews, swatched, or tried the silly thing myself.  Which leads me to a new round of posts on my “essentials” the products that sit in my makeup bag, or that I reach for on a consistent basis.

Refreshed and glowing, as though you wake up in the morning looking stunning, the “no-makeup” makeup trend seems to still be going strong.  I often use this as a starting point for my everyday makeup attire, adding a bold lip or a sweep of eyeshadow for weekdays.  On weekends, however, this is a look I nearly sport without fail. It’s also become a go-to for school days as well (that’s grad school kids…I’m not that young).  This kind of face calls for lightly flushed cheeks, naturally coloured lips, soft skin, and ever so slightly defined eyes…at least in my books.  My version goes a little something like this:

"No-Makeup" Makeup Essentials
  1. Tinted moisturizer, or the like.  I go for Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer, though there’s a formulation of this stuff for everyone (illuminating, mineral, original, etc.).  It’s either that or a concoction of my daytime moisturizer with a “glow” product (Burberry Light Glow is DIVINE), and a single pump of a sheer foundation (Burberry or Nars).  Apply with fingers to the face…it’s the easiest way to make sure everything is seamless and blended.  Take this all over your face and down onto your neck, as well as a quick bit over the eyelids just to even them out.
  2. Cream cheek & lip product.  The best for this is hands down the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge (Powder Pink is my shade).  Find one of the colours that flatters your skin/lip tone and you’re set.  It blends into skin incredibly well, and unlike some products, does not settle into pores or lines.  Rub a small amount of the product into your cheeks, and swipe a bit across your lips as well.
  3. A touch of definition on the eyes.  I reach for a small angled brush (eg. MAC 266) and a soft brown shadow…something that you’d use to subtly define your crease (Bobbi Brown Hot Stone or Taupe are my favourites).  Take this along your upper lash line, and a very small sheer amount (whatever’s left on the brush realistically) just under your lower lashes as well.  Follow-up with Kiehl’s Marvellous Mineral Mascara (my preferred barely there lash formulation).  And don’t forget to curl your lashes…even if you skip the rest of this step, do not forget to curl.
  4. Apply a bit of a balm.  To add something so that the lips aren’t too flat, I always add a touch of shine.  That DOES NOT mean lip gloss, but does mean a salve or moisturizing balm, over the top of the Pot Rouge.  I’m a die-hard for the Smith’s Rosebud Salve…so that would be my go to.
Add naturally waved hair or a tousled ponytail, bun or braid and you’re set!
If you want words from the master though, I’ll send you directly to the place that I get so much of my expert advice from…Ms. Lisa Eldridge.  Brilliant and stunning British makeup artist extraordinaire, her “no-makeup” tutorial in particular is one of my favourites…although granted I love everything she does.  She was also a serious inspiration for the use of many of these products, so credit goes where credit is due.  I highly recommend getting utterly caught up in her website for an afternoon {}, and remember to take notes!

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Must Have Monday: British Racing Green, butterLondon.

A couple of years ago I purchased the crowning glory of my handbag collection, a deep forest racing green YSL Muse (or as she’s referred to amongst friends…just “Yves”).  As was documented on this blog, my decision on that particular bit of handbag heaven was indeed driven in small part due to my love for this particular shade of green.  The bag is lovely, but it’s not perhaps the most practical way to inject a bit of that particular shade of vert into my daily life.  Solution? Nail polish apparently.

{British Racing Green, butterLondon}

While I’ve seen my fair share of green polishes, there’s always something either just a little too sallow (read: yellow), a little too muddy (read: camouflage green…though it has its place), or a little too jolly holiday (read: christmas trees) for my particular skin tone, or general taste for that matter.  As a good friend of mine mentioned when it comes to green polish, there’s always that potential of looking witchy in fact.  On my recent dive into butterLondon polishes as of late however, I have come across “British Racing Green” (BRG).  It’s like the goldilocks of green polishes, just the right mix of everything, and one that I have in fact found myself reaching for more than once recently.  In my humble and personal opinion, it’s pretty much a dead ringer for the Muse’s unique shade which has equated to near perfection.

A brief note on the formulation: butterLondon is some of the longer-wearing that I have in my small collection.  BRG is opaque in one carefully applied coat, though it deepens and provides a more rich and velvety tone with two.  The polishes are of average thickness and BRG is no exception for a smooth application.  Topped with my favourite Sally Hansen top coat, I got about 5-ish days of wear out of the polish before I experienced re-application level chipping.  I’m fairly rough on my nails though (lots of typing and dishes), so it would probably last closer to a week on the average person.

Oddly or interestingly enough, it’s actually one of those polishes that I’ve received an abnormal number of compliments on.  It seems to appeal to everyone from the nail traditionalists, to those who like to push the envelope.  I’ll probably have to quietly guard my own bottle with a watchful eye in case it decides to grow legs and waltz into another friend’s collection without my noticing.

For those of you who are intrigued, or are inclined to add a gorgeous green to your collection, it’s a definite recommend.  Just give it a try…I promise you’ll love it.  Butter London polishes can be found at a variety of retailers, and online at their website: (just switch to .ca for those of north of the 49th)  For my fellow Canadians, get thineself over to Holts or (as I discovered over my winter break) more recently at select Hudson’s Bay Company stores.  It retails for approximately $17 Canadian…and is worth every penny.

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Top Five Friday: Kiehl’s Products.

I am a self-proclaimed Kiehls addict.  If you’ve ever been privy to my vanity counter then this is something you would know {aside from the fact that I’m a product junkie}.  As such, I’ve tried a sincerely significant number of products from the line…some good…some not-so-good…most fantastic.  Everything from Tinted Moisturizer to Eye Cream, with a few Tinted Lip Balms and Overnight Repairing Face treatments in between…I’m starting to get to the point where I’ve tried it all, within reason.  While I would love to be able to sit here and recommend a whole slough of Kiehl’s for the lot of you to go out and try, that’s just not feasible.  So instead, you’re getting a Top Five Friday…Kiehl’s style.

A few honourable mentions before we start: Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment, Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer, Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15 Hue 58B, Over-Night Biological Peel, Superbly Smooth Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner.

{Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, photo from}

#5 Ultimate Strength Hand Salve : Ah yes, the product that started it all.  The quest for a non-greasy, quick absorbing, non-perfumed hand cream that actually did the trick to quench my father’s psoriasis on his hands.  A stop at the Kiehl’s counter at my local Holts for a tube of their original Lip Balm {which had been listed as a favourite product in a magazine}, and a snap decision to give this a try…sold, to the quickly developing addict with the HR bag.  The formulation is deep and rich without leaving a slick of product on your hand after the fact and boasts Avocado, Eucalyptus, Sesame Seed, and Olive Oil wax.  The scent is of hand cream with a hint of Eucalyptus which dissipates nearly instantly, but without being overwhelming at application either.  I’ve tried a number of products since…yet none quite measure up to this small white 75mL tube with the blue writing that has become a constant fixture in my handbag ever since.

{Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo, photo from}

#4 Rice & Wheat Shampoo and Formula 133 Hair Conditioner and Grooming Aid : Everyone can find their own perfect shampoo and conditioner combination at Kiehl’s, but this is mine.  The chance result of a few mismatched deluxe samples landed me with a light volumising shampoo, and a lovely rich conditioner and grooming aide.  The Rice & Wheat Shampoo is described as the solution to “flat, thin, and lifeless hair”, and contains lightweight proteins and poly-sugars to accomplish combatting this.  Now while I have thick textured hair {and quite a fair amount of it}, I find that this provides a fantastically clean feeling to my hair without adding anything to weigh down the natural texture at the roots.  Formula 133?  My standard issue conditioner that provides a sufficient amount of moisture to my hair without weighing it down, and can often double as a grooming aide post shower when I’m out of the product listed at #1 on this list.  “Detangles and moisturizes, leaving hair soft and manageable, but not greasy.”…yes please!  I would like to point out that on alternating months I like to try out new hair cleansing products and conditioners…but I always feel as though I’m depriving my hair of its true essence…Rice & Wheat with a Formula 133 chaser.

{Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub, shown in Coriander, photo from}

#3 Gentle Exfoliating Body Scrub in Lavender : My skin everywhere but on my face is generally fairly dry.  As such, I’m a bit of a sucker for a good body scrub.  Re-phrase: I’m a bit of a sucker for the Kiehl’s body scrubs.  While I’ve been through the odd bottle of the Grapefruit variety in the summer months, I will always return to the Lavender.  I light spicy lavender scent that lingers through the shower, but dissipates on the skin post shower, I enjoy the relaxation yet invigorating nature of the scent.  Something about the contrast between soothing lavender and an awakening scrub seems bizarrely natural in this product…and soothing invigoration is an oxymoron I’m more than willing to get used to.

{Ultra Facial Cream, photo from}

#2 Ultra Facial Cream : My face is a completely different exceptionally well behaved creature when I use this on a consistent basis.  An application of this on freshly cleansed skin before bed radically changes my combination hyper-dry and yet oily skin into a relatively even canvas that is evenly moisturized manageable.  Excess oil production due to otherwise dry conditions…gone.  Dry patches that feel so moisture deprived that they rival the Sahara in summer…gone.  I legitimately notice a difference when I switch products, or neglect to use this for an extended period of time.  I therefore avoid doing the aforementioned.

{Heat-Protective Silk-Straightening Cream, photo from}

#1 Heat Protective Silk Straightening Creme : I am currently on what could possibly be pushing my twelfth tube of this.  I started using it my junior year of high school and just never looked back.  This lightweight cream formula is derived from Soy Beans, Sesame Seeds, and Sunflower Seeds and is listed as being “Formulated especially for wavy, frizzy, or curly hair in need of smoothing”.  Those words…wavy, frizzy, curly…those are my hair words.  I apply this to my hair after each washing whether I’m styling my hair naturally, curly, straight, somewhere in between…whatever the case may be.

So those are my Top 5 for this Friday.  Hopefully you find some new favourites of your own…or perhaps I’ve made a convert out of some of you in the process.  For all of you Kiehl’s addicts out there, what are you favourites?

All products are available from, Kiehl’s boutiques, and of course for those Canadian folks…Holts.  Links to the various products can be found by clicking on their associated pictures throughout this post.

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Battle me This: Nail Polish Top Coats.

Now I’ve never been much of a bandwagon jumper, in fact I’m usually the one who tries to disband the bandwagon ASAP.  It should not then surprise you that given the massive buzz surrounding Seche Vite top-coat, I decided to see whether it truly deserved the hype in my books.  I paint my nails probably every 4-5 days (my nails are rarely bare), and regardless of when I paint them during the day, I’m always looking for a top coat that will a) dry quickly, and b) leave a finish that amplifies and does not dull down the lacquer colour that I’ve painted them with.  Ideally it won’t chip and fade and dull within the first couple of days of wear as well…but realistically I’m not asking for a miracle worker in a nail polish bottle.  Clearly trials have ensued and I’ve developed my standard issue blunt opinion on each of the ones that made it through the gauntlet.

{Image from}

Up first on the blocks is the one that I’ve used for the longest, and that I’ve repurchased time and time again.  Out the Door, by INM is most frequently seen in those oversized round bottles at salons where you curiously peer at it as it gets applied post-manicure.  Its consumer-sized counterpart is pretty fantastic though.  One of the thinner top coats I’ve tried, it delivers on getting your nails ready to walk out the door in a very rapid manner.  While it’s not my go-to for long-wearing nails, it is my go-to for rush manicures that need to be accomplished while getting ready at top speed.  Available at many place that paints up manicures, it’s worth hunting down and retails for around $12.  {List of Canadian distributors here, or Sally Beauty Supply}

{Image from}

Now the product that really sparked the inspiration for this post, Seche Vite.  It’s made the list of products I just sincerely and utterly don’t like.  I can already hear the gasps of sheer shock and horror from a few of my readers, but hear me out.  My rationale for the disdain and dislike really is because it doesn’t live up to its hype.  That, and I feel as though I need a fumigation mask in order to apply the stuff.  Consistency wise it’s quite thick and applies what appears to be a protective coating all across the nails.  A coating that chips pretty quick, and dulls really fast.  As for the literal translation of the name “Dry Fast”…this doesn’t…not any faster than Out the Door.  Realistically it’s just nothing special and pales in comparison to my favourite.  It’s nothing I would recommend hunting down and I will not be re-purchasing it.  Do I dislike it enough to pitch it now?  No, I’ll use it up.  I found my bottle at my local London Drugs, and it retails for around $10.  {Available on Amazon, and at most major drugstores}

{Image from}

And cue the drumrolls, ladies and gentlemen we do in fact have a winner for a favourite top coat…Essie’s Good to Go.  It realistically is the hybrid offspring of Seche Vite and Out the Door.  It’s a thick coating that’s tough as nails and dries to a finished state in about 10-15 (completely impenetrably and completely done in about 30ish minutes).  This little bottle of clear genius keeps polish looking pretty damn snappy for nearly a week, and I’d almost argue is chip resistant.  Rarely do my at-home manicures last that long…but I can go a whole week with the OPI Privacy Please & Essie G2G combo on my nails without having to re-paint.  While there is a touch of that freshly painted nails smell while in use, it’s not one that hangs in the air post-application.  Definitely worth tracking down and checking out, Essie’s Good to Go is available at most drugstores and wherever Essie polishes are sold (ie. Shoppers and most drugstores), retailing for around $8-10.

Now these are just of course the three that I’ve managed to develop a working knowledge on, but if you’ve got a favourite that you’d like to share with the class, be sure to leave a comment.  Otherwise…happy painting and long-lasting manicures to all, and to all a good day.

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Rant or Rave Thursday: Diorshow Mascara.

Ah yes…mascara.  Without a doubt this is the product that I rarely never leave the house without applying.  I’ve been through my fair share of drugstore mascaras {most of which have ended up the the bin of no return}, and a good chunk of mid-range department store brands as well.  From the time I was 16, my favourite was unquestionably BadGal Lash from Benefit {and still is…but in its “Plum” colour for days when a natural face is the goal}.  Excellent mascara, but as I mentioned – now relegated to my collection of coloured options.  As for black I’ve manged to work my way through the Diorshow offering and have, well, a few things to say about the range that they’ve managed to put out.

Dior offers 4 versions of its Diorshow mascara:  The Classic/Original Diorshow, Diorshow Iconic, Diorshow Blackout, and Diorshow Extase.  These plus the Diorshow Maximizer Primer make up the full line.  It’s taken me some time, a few dollars, and some effort…but I’m happy to report that I’ve made my way through them all…and am certainly not short on opinions about each of them.

And on to the review…in no particular order.

{Image from}

Iconic – This incarnation of Diorshow delivers lovely natural separated lashes.  A couple of coats delivers just the right amount of lash impact for day wear, without being too dramatic for setting where makeup with a little extra drama isn’t encouraged.  The brush is a series of stiff combs surrounding the applicator that deliver a similar look to applying your mascara with a mascara comb.  While not my absolute favourite of the line, Iconic still rests in a very comfortable place rotating as my daytime natural mascara alongside the Kiehl’s Marvelous Mineral Mascara. {Retails from for $27}

{Image from}

Blackout – Dear drama filled thick lashes, clearly thou hast been created from this product.  No flaking, no transfer, just deep dark delicious evening lashes.  This is without a doubt my favourite dressed-up mascara.  The colour manages to be darker than the Classic formulation, yet without delivering those evening time racoon eyes that would normally exist following not using a waterproof formulation.  The brush is larger than usual {though approximately the same size as the Classic} and in contrast to the Iconic brush, has a multitude of softer bristles surrounding it.  What this delivers is a sufficient yet not overpowering amount of product to the lashes and still manages to separate them enough to deliver impact.  After that commentary, you’d assume per chance that this is my favourite of the line…but really, it’s just my favourite for after hours or when a dramatic lash {champagne shadow and a red lip} is necessary.  {Retails from for $24}

{Image from}

Extase – I try very hard to not use the word hate in my daily vocabulary.  I feel that the emotion is far to strong for general use, but from my high horse I would like to climb down and scream from the top of buildings instead…I HATE THIS PRODUCT!  Ugh.  Too thick, a massive divergence from the normally dry-esque formulations of the rest of the line this is clumpy and wet, and all together just a miserable experience.  I tried it because it was the newest mascara from the range and because it was designed to help curl and define lashes.  The brush looks like a series of figure eights attached together so in theory it seemed like a good idea.  Sincerely though, it’s awful and I just would never ever recommend it.  {Retails from for $28}

{Image from}

Classic – I’m going to say I left the best for last {because the Primer is a complete other ballpark}, and this is positively my favourite mascara.  The brush is quite a bit larger than your standard issue mascara wand {unless you’re a die hard Bad Gal fan}, and the formulation of the product is just creamy enough that it doesn’t equate to putting eyeshadow on your lashes…but is a drier formulation.  This does not equate to flaking or miserable application, and instead equates to the product drying relatively fast and leaving lashes looking about as good as they’re ever going to without adding falsies {even without the primer!}.  Hands down the winner for my favourite mascara of all time.  {Retails from for $24}

{Image from}

Maximizer – And just when I thought Diorshow couldn’t get any better…out comes their primer!  Quite possibly the single best addition to the entire set {aside from the Classic}, this coats lashes with a very thin white veil that prepares them to look even more fabulous than was previously thought possible.  I have been known to take a few seconds to turn my head sideways and examine my lashes in the mirror after just the application of this.  It almost appears as though they’ve doubled in length and suddenly there are lashes on my lashline whose existence I was previously unaware of.  With an identical brush to the Diorshow Iconic, this delivers product evenly and in the perfect quantity.  I recommend this product regardless of what your favourite mascara is…as it can only make it even better.  {Retails from for $28}



I have to say that with the exception of the Extase, these are all products I will/have/and continue to repurchase.

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Midweek Indulgence: The Red Lip.

Lipstick is something I’ve certainly taken my time ranting and raving about on this blog before, and…shockingly… it’s something I’m going to dedicate a post to again.  This time though it’s in favour of a little midweek indulgence: for the commentary on the acquisition of the red lip.

Now I’d like to put a quick disclaimer on the following commentary – everyone needs to find their own red.  Believe me, you will most likely go through about a dozen red lipstick tubes before you find the right one.  Then, further to that, you will probably end up with a few variations: glossy, creamy, matte, cool-toned, warm-toned.  Being a fan of a bold coloured lip, I’ve my fair share of red lip products and I thought I’d take a quick opportunity to share my favourite reds {…fyi…that’s red lip products…not red wines…that’s a totally different midweek indulgence}.

Item #1 – Red Gloss

{Benefit Benetint Balm, from}

This is a definite toss-up between two products: Misbehave Lipgloss from NARS, and Benetint Balm from Benefit.  The latter is significantly harder to find than the former, but is truly a treat if you can find it.  NARS’ Misbehave reminds me of LoveAlert Dazzleglass from MAC, but without the chunky glitter {which I cannot stand}.  It’s a fairly sheer shimmery red, one that I’d recommend pairing with a favourite red lipstick.  Benetint Balm on the other hand, is the glossy lip balm form of the cult favourite lipstain Benetint.  I’ve repurchased this product a number of times, and it’s a daily wear kind of red colour – stuble enough, but with a quiet smirk and a grin.  I’d like to point out that Laura Mercier Gloss in Rose is a massively close runner up for this category.  For some reason it’s just too much of a pink red for me to truly qualify it as a “red” gloss.

Item #2 – Red Stain {and also doubling as my Matte Red}

{Scarlet Lip Stain, from}

Without question…Laura Mercier’s Lipstain in Scarlett.  A creamy matte lipstain {ie. not in liquid form for application}, this applies like a dream and delivers a kind of colour that sits somewhere in that undefinable category of not quite being a blue base, and yet not quite a yellow/warm base.  Whether applied with an imprecise hand for a thrown together un-fussy matte red lip, or put on with polish as the base coat for any red-base or red lipstick: this is a product that I will forever swear by.

Item #3 – Cool-Toned Red

{Rose Lip Glace, from}

Inevitably it’s a Limited Edition MAC colour from 2008: “Red”, She Said.  Considering my colouring, I’ve never been drawn to the likes of MAC Red or Russian Red {both very close colours to this offering}…but when I went into MAC that one fateful day, this was inevitably the colour I picked up.  I’ve nicknamed it my “cartoon red” – as when one has it on, it seems to possess that very precise doll-like quality that you’d associate with cartoon characters.  Possibly because it causes my face to look every so slightly drained so it emphasizes my lip colour?  Yes.  But I will still reach for this along with my Laura Mercier Glace in Rose for a gorgeous springtime sassy cool pink red lip.

Item #4 – Warm-Toned Red {…and quite possibly just the ultimate winner for my lips}

{Long Wear Lip Colour in Lover, from}

For every other season, and just in general {cue the drumroll please}…Stila Longwear in Lover.  Warm, opaque, creamy, easy to apply – there really isn’t a direct competitor.  This is the lipstick that won out over the rest in my testing to really be the perfect red lip for my skintone.  There’s something bold about this, but more in the way that it makes me feel emboldened rather than garish.  It’s just as easily worn with a light neutral eye for a daytime pop of colour in a monochromatic outfit…or dressed up with that perfect LBD for a cocktail party or evening out.  It wears like a dream, and even if it just needs to be blotted mid-afternoon, there’s still enough pigment that it’s given your lips that barely there red stain that will wear well for the rest of the day.

That’s my two cents on this midweek indulgence and perhaps something to make your Wednesday a little less dreary.  Enjoy!

{Oh…and let me know your favourite red lip selections in the comments!}

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