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Must Have Monday: Smoking Slippers.

Oh Stubbs and Wootton, why must you taunt me so?  Since the onslaught of the “smoking slipper” in recent seasons all I can think about every time I see a new incarnation of the style are the completely lovely offerings from who I would arguably dub as the originator that started it all.  They tread that line between feminine and menswear, with a seriously chic old money kind of vibe that dares you to pair casual and sophisticated in the same sentence.

{ Stubbs & Wooton Slippers: Pearl Skimmer, Fouquet Plum, Cane Red, $400 }

While I’m swooning over the fall offerings of Pearl Skimmers and Fouquet Plum, or the needlepoint classics in Cane Red, let’s be realistic for a second. I’m all for a little indulgence and extravagance…but $400 on a pair of seriously weather and outfit dependent velvet loafers…even I have my limits.

The needlepoint offerings from byPaige might end up being my solution. They still cater to that kitschy pattern concept like the S&Ws, but at a more manageable price tag of $195 (…manageable by relative comparison). I’m a particular fan of the Nautical Knots.

{ Nautical Knot Needlepoint, By Paige, $195 }

As per usual, I’ve found something that fits the bill from Cole Haan as well. Fall’s Sabrina loafers are perfectly on trend both in terms of style and shade. The jewel toned hues with contrast piping look simply divine and might give those metallic loafers a run for their money as the newest Cole Haan addition to my collection.  Granted they do challenge with my love/hate relationship with suede – a highly suitable material for these shoes, yet not particularly practical.

{ Sabrina Loafers, Ultraviolet / Dark Teal / Cobalt, Cole Haan, $198 }

On another note, the ones that are due to be the most likely candidate for my wardrobe come from Joie, in the form of their Day Dreaming Flats. Reasonably priced at $175, neutral in colour (yes, I consider red a neutral), and from a brand that I know to be of excellent quality and wear-ability? Sold…as soon as I manage to track down a pair to try on in person. In the meantime, I’ll just continue to conjure up fabulous outfits for them in my head.  Or alternatively, over on Shopping’s My Cardio, where I really had no choice but to feature them as this week’s detail on Thursday.

{ Day Dreaming Flats, Joie, $175 }

Thoughts?  Are you going to be sliding your way into some slippers anytime soon, and if so…care to share some of your favourites with the class?


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Must Have Monday: Summer Scarves.

I must admit, at some point along my journey to adulthood I swapped the security blanket of my youth for a different kind of security blanket…a scarf.  Now in the autumn and winter, these are completely practical.  Even venturing into the early parts of spring they make a lot of sense.  Summer?  Not so much.  That being said, I’m not swayed much from wearing them.  The key is a change of materials, and an alteration of purpose.  No longer is the goal warmth (though they can come in handy on a cool evening), but instead just pure fashion and style.

{Polka Dot & Leopard Scarf, Zara, $40}

What’s spawned this discussion is this particular scarf from Zara.  I swear the thing is stalking me, as I’ve seen it on a phenomenal number of rather stylish individuals, or peeking out of the corner of handbags – stowed away for future use.  I’m having visions of it thrown casually around my neck while wearing a semi-sheer black button down, black tank, and rough denim shorts, hair casually thrown up in a ponytail and sporting a great coral lip.  It’s the combination of the pastel blue and coral with the black accents that I’m particularly enjoying.  That and it has just enough animal print for me to manage (considering it’s something that I’m normally adverse to).

Given that rather extensive outfit description, it’s a wonder that I haven’t added it to my wardrobe yet.  Truth be told, I just haven’t gotten around to getting into Zara.  (Disclaimer…that may all change come Tuesday when I go shopping…but let’s applaud my restraint for now.)  It’s also induced some serious browsing through other options as well, as exhibited below.

A few of my keys for excellent summer scarves is that aside from being lightweight, they also need to be colourful but not excessively bold, and preferably have a touch of cream or white in the mix in order to keep them feeling light and airy.  Those rules could, however, be completely thrown out the window if one paired a bold bright patterned silk with a little denim chambray.  (Anyone else think an All in the Details might be in order along those lines?)

{No. 45, Anthropologie, $58 / Spectacle Storyteller, Madewell, $55 / Drakes London Yellow Paisley, J.Crew, $238 / Collage Print, Tory Burch, $185 / Katrina Striped, Club Monaco, $49 / Ditsy Batick, Anthropologie, $168}

Realistically there’s probably a number of you who think I’m completely off my rocker for suggesting a scarf for the summer…but to each his or her own.  For those of you who don’t think I’m mad as a hatter, do enjoy the selection above (apologies – or not – in advance if they induce retail indulgences), and let me know in the comments if you have any favourites you’d like to share with the class.

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Neons & Neutrals…on the Oxfords of Cole Haan.

Neons and neutrals is nothing new.  Neons and neutrals on footwear…also not the most revolutionary concept.  But neons, neutrals, and an oxford…now that’s a trend I can support.

{Alisa Oxford, ColeHaan}

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Cole Haan footwear.  They are consistently my go-to brand for function, style, and comfort all wrapped into one nice neat little package.  But here’s the thing: most of my shoes from Cole Haan are pretty neutral, and definitely fall into the “standard issue” category.  With the small exception of a gorgeous pair of orange driving loafers that I picked up in Del Mar, CA a couple years ago, my association with the brand exists mainly in the colour range of brown to grey to black and some deep maroon in between.  This is not to say that they don’t make shoes in more daring colours, I’ve just never been particularly attracted to them before.

{Skylar Oxford, Cole Haan}

Well guys & dolls, consider the horses held and the opinions changed.  The next pair of shoes that makes its way into my already overzealous shoe collection may in fact be a pair of the neon and neutral mixed oxfords.  Two versions of this cool combination exist.  The first is the Alisa Oxford.  Boasting my favourite hue mix-match (light cove / chickadee) and pictured at the top of this post…they’re what really drew me in.  The reason why they won’t be waltzing into my wardrobe anytime soon though?  The puddle-centric weather that we’ve been having in my bit of the real world lately, and the fact that the “light cove” portion of this shoe is suede.  The second option is the Skylar Oxford.  A close runner-up for my favourite combination (primarily because I’m going through an uncharacteristic “pink” phase right now) in sequoia / rock candy, these seem to have a touch more practicality in terms of material.  They’re also ever so slightly more subtle in their statement (or as subtle as a fuchsia toe and heel cap can be) and my mind is already planning outfits right from the present moment to well into spring and summer with them.

Whether I indulge in either is currently absolutely debatable (considering the practical, smart, and sensible bit of me should really be buying said Sorels for winter), but let’s just say that they’ve been put on the list of considerations.  The Alisas retail for $178, and the Skylars $248 according to and can be purchased online (US only) or at your local Cole Haan boutique.

Pst…guys…because I know there are a few of you who read this blog as well…the guy’s equivalents of these are the Air Colton Casual Wing Tip Oxford (check out the chestnut/ashley blue), most similar in concept to the Skylars…or the Air Franklin Wing Tip Oxford (which I’m advocating in hibiscus suede), if the Alisa were more your cup of tea.

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