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Footwear Friday, and No.5 of The Eight.

If: you read this blog.

Then: you would know that I just put up a post about the dilemma of flats {and my apparent love for them} not that long ago.

The problem therefore is: that the next entry in “The Eight” is most worn shoes.

The answer: is easy – Tory Burch Reva Flats.

However: that makes for a terribly un-entertaining blog post.

Lists and quasi-LSAT inspired writing aside {inspiration from a few friends applying to law school…to whom I have nothing but wishes of luck, even though they won’t need it}, I’ve been sitting with a bit of a dilemma as to what to write about for this particular post for quite some time.  “The Eight” is one of the few series on this blog that I’ve actually managed to partially maintain since the beginning, but now the content is on the verge of overlapping.  If you’d like to read what I wrote about regarding flats, and my genuine love for the Revas…click here…

Otherwise, I shall momentarily indulge myself in my quest for the perfect heels.  A quest which I have completed successfully…twice.

My original suggestion would and to some extent will always be the Cole Haan Nike Air heels {style is irrelevant}.  I promise you, the hype is not fake, these are incredibly comfortable heels.  I’ve spent many a night dancing, and many an afternoon running around downtown in these heels and I have yet to have serious issues with them.  The particular versions I have  possess a small band of deep metallic silver right at the top of the base of the heel {where the footbed meets the actual heel post}, which meant that they managed to step just beyond the boundaries of boring basic heels.  The range of “Air” heels that are available is endless, ranging from laced heeled oxfords, to great platform pumps, to the classic black patents.  Considering their consistent availability {both at retail and outlet locations might I add}, I thought my quest was complete…tragically, or perhaps not so tragically mistaken.

Cole Haan Pumps

My second recommendation are the Kate Spade Karolina Pumps {which were in fact profiled on the opening “Shoe” page on}.  I digress, I’ve written of these before, but I feel as though they require a re-mention {if for no other reason than that they are available in a variety of standard neutral colours including a gorgeous nude…just start hunting the web}.  The pair I have are a faux snakeskin finish, and teeter somewhere between rose-gold and silver.  They are the metallic that goes with everything, and are the shoes that I can wear for an unbelievable amount of time considering their height.  I recommend these not for the newly introduced heel-wearer, but for someone who’s already gained a sufficient amount of balance walking on heels.  Indulge, enjoy, and perhaps purchase in a few fun colours as even without the cushy padding, they manage to be undeniably comfortable.  I’d also like to point out that they’re available as a part of the “Twirl” collection as well…red heel and perfectly muted gold sequins abound.

Kate Spade Karolina Pumps

So alas, this post of “The Eight” is not in fact my most worn shoes, but definitely a quiet understated ode to my most worn pumps…which I swear is a feat in and of itself.

{Side Note} I promise you I have zero arch, and questionable balance.  I can walk in heels.  It took practice.  Unfortunately not all of us were born with the perfect high-heel walk…do not be embarrassed of traipsing around your house in your high-heels prior to actually wearing them.


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#4: Nail Polish.

…the fourth of “The Eight.”

There are many a thing that drive me insane—some of them are about other people, and some of them are about myself.  One thing that I absolutely cannot stand on anyone?  Chipped nail polish.  Now I will confess that I have been guilty of this sin on occasion, but this is generally something I try and consciously avoid.  I also (rather oddly) find painting my nails to be rather cathartic…and something to pass the time in my “requires multitasking constantly” mindset that I get into when studying.

My nails are always a fairly consistent colour also.  I do not like odd colours (eg. blue, green, etc.) and therefore all of the colours in my collection are reds, pinks, nudes, deep purples, or grays.  I decided to choose the two that I wear most often though – a nude/natural shade and then my favourite red.

The nude/natural is Essie’s True Love.  It’s a see-through sheer pink that really just makes the nails take on a truly fantastic glossy pink hue.  It’s good for nails of any length, and a definite must-have for giving French manicures that extra little zing.  Essie is generally a favourite brand of mine for being relatively chip-resistant, and having great staying power.  What I particularly enjoy about this colour as well, as that because it is just a sheer wash of colour even if it immediately chips you don’t notice it.  Particularly good for those of us who spend a lot of time typing and might have a tendency to have the very tips of our manicures give way to missing bits.

Lippmann Collection is right up there with Essie in being one of my favourite nail polish brands.  I will vouch that I truly do collect these polishes and adore the applicator (much smaller and finer than a standard OPI brush) and really do appreciate the sincerity of the colour payoff.  Since I Fell for you is a great shimmering red.  Not glittery in the least, but a metallic sheen of a dark red that really takes up permanent residence on my nails once the snow hits the ground…or for formal events requiring black dresses.  This polish truly does smoulder on the nails, but in a slightly unassuming way.  I also love it layered in with deeper dark colours (eg. Lippmann’s Dark Side of the Moon, or OPI’s Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ) as it provides just a touch of drama.


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#3: Shirt.

…the third of “The Eight.”

I’ve said it before, and I will forever say it again – I am a prep.  I spent my formative years of grade school within the confines of a private school in tunics, kilts, oxford shirts and…cardigans.  My original cardigan may have come solely in the form of hunter green, but my love and passion for this preppy staple now exists in my closet in more colors than I can count.  It also exists in v-neck, boat neck, and regular crew neck.  It exists with circular graphic buttons, and small plain grey ones.  The sole consistency?  They almost always have cashmere.  If I’m required to pick a favourite though, it would have to be the black and deep royal blue v-neck cable knit pair from Brooks Brothers.  Preppy staples and Brooks Brothers go hand-in-hand, and I find it nearly impossible to not lust and swoon (so unladylike!) over every sweater they produce.

But what I would like to further point out, is that the simplicity and perfection of a cardigan with every possible outfit is what truly draws me to them.  The fit nicely in any one of my handbags for the spring and summer, they provide just the right amount of warmth for the winter indoors, and they consistently provide the ideal amount of polish and perfection required by any outfit.  I have worn them over dresses, with jeans, with skirts, and with nearly every business outfit I own.

I swear one can never go wrong with a cardigan.  Never wrong with a cardigan and pearls.  And yet I still wonder why a few of my friends are insistent on having my nickname as June Cleaver…

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#2: Earrings.

…the second of “The Eight”…

The second installment of “The Eight” is earrings.  That single piece of jewelry that you put in your ears in the morning that people would most closely associate with your face when they look at you, and that I my mind always adds a little bit of drama when you tuck your hair behind your ears.

The deal with my father, and within my household in general was that I could only pierce the lobes of my ears.  Being the covert rebel that I am, I decided to take the rules to task to see if they’d actually apply.  Therefore I share with you the following:  I have three piercings in each earlobe.  People find this terribly odd when it comes to me – the mainly by the rules, incredibly preppy and relatively conservative one.

It’s horrendously entertaining though, because normally I wear either triple pearls, or triple silver plain studs (or 2 studs with a more dramatic earring in the lowest hole) and therefore it’s not that obvious.  All of this, requires a double take – one needs to prove to oneself that I am actually wearing three earrings in each ear.

Being the preppy girl that I am, my favorite earrings have been and will always be plain pearl studs.There is something perfectly timeless and classic about these that go with positively everything.  Pearls, whether in a strand around one’s neck or as earrings always invoke class and sophistication.  They are understated and plain, but make a statement when worn in an unconventional way (eg. in three studs going up one’s ear).  I almost always wear pearls.

And there’s a little insight into this project and the person behind this project.  If I could define my style it would be cardigans, pearls, polos and button down shirts.  It would be experimenting with trendier chic styles and funky jewelry, but always returning to the triple pearl stud earrings.

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#1 : Lipstick / Lip Gloss

…the first of “The Eight”…

Kiehl’s Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15 “Hue No. 30G”

The entire concept of this is to pick one item that is positively you’re most worn.  Problem is that I wear all three of these equally because they hold court at three very different portions of my day.  I’m a self-proclaimed Kiehl’s addict, and their tinted lip balm has consistently been my go to product when I need a little colour.  Although I do appreciate the darker shade, this one gives the perfect sheer red-pink tone that I need to brighten my otherwise pale complexion.

Prescriptives ColorScope Lip Gloss “Sassy 06”

When I need a little umph or a little gloss in my day, nothing beats the Presecriptives Sassy Gloss.  It’s neutral shade that really doesn’t impart much colour but instead a serious glossy shine.  It’s my go-to for over red lip stains and virtually any lipstick I own.

Boots No. 7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick “Smoulder”

Which leads me to my final product.  I hate wearing lipstick.  It’s quite honestly the bane of my existence.  Except red lipstick.  My opinion is that every woman should have one perfect red lipstick because it’s the instant swipe that can take anyone from utterly plain to chic and put together.  If you’ve managed to put the effort into wearing red lipstick, then you’re willing to get noticed.  Although I have the sultry perfect red from M.A.C., my standard go-to is actually the sheer red from drugstore brand Boot’s No. 7 – a product that I until about six months ago could only acquire in the U.K. and therefore not going there nearly often enough myself have had more than a few people bring back for me.  This is my everyday red lipstick, and the one that will perpetually sit in my purse for every impromptu dinner invitation, date, or simply to slide on in the middle of the day to up my daily chic-ness quotient.

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The Eight.

Because I’m no longer particularly in the mood film myself and upload it to YouTube (been there, tried that, failed miserably) I’ve decided to do something that could particularly be a little taboo.  I’m going to accomplish some of these beauty “tag” videos in print format.  Do I find this concept vaguely tacky?  Yes.  But I feel as though the rationale for my eight really are some of the most fundamental building blocks in defining who I am in my efforts of chic-ness.  As I started to type all of this, I realized that this could be an excessively long post, and have since broken it down into eight smaller posts (well nine if you include this introduction).  Intermittently posted, they’re the secrets to my world but clearly one’s I’m willing to share.

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